Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good Morning

Reiki is an ongoing developmental process for me, just like the 'practice of medicine' has been ever since graduation from medical school.

Some recent things have come to manifest. Randomly I will write about them. In no particular order.

The power. Like the power of the sun, Reiki has the ability to throw light and warmth where there generally is none. I gave a flood of Reiki energy to a gyn-onc patient who was an ASA 4. She had a host of co-existing medical conditions and according to her gyn-onc fellow 'no longer wished to live.'

I followed up on her yesterday. She was in good spirits, not much pain, and delighted that we 'tightened her stomach like in plastic surgery.' She had been hoping for this and made little jokes to the resident about in at her pre-op visit. I laughed and said for her type of wound, that is how we close it, and that is just the way it is. There was a sparkle in her.

Sometimes just seeing the anesthesiologist 'after the fact' brightens people up. They are like, 'it worked!' (the anesthesia).

The power of caring. I had a post-traumatic stress patient on OB. She had a bad experience with one of our 'brusque' anesthesiologists last pregnancy. The patient was chubby, fearful, and I knew what kind of challenge the epidural probably must have been for my colleague, who has NO patience for those who are 'of size'. I was extra nice, extra attentive, and gentle. Which was a good thing. The labor ended in cesarean section. She was super anxious. I think Reiki sets the tone for others. That groundedness anchors others who are 'caught up in the storm'. It is a good thing. And when I checked on her this morning, she was all smiles. Everyone was, come to think of it. The bleeder, the 'I need a bolus every hour', and the multip. Everyone is a set of problems for me to work on. For that matter, everyone is a set of problems with an energy pattern and a personality too. I try to enjoy it when I work with them.

The power of trusting Spirit. Sometimes life changes happen. To shake things up. My father's anniversary of his death is coming up. I never thought I could live without him. Now for years, I have done just that. Radical disruption can sometimes make the best but only for later. Everything happens because it is the best in the big picture. It may hurt for the short time, but opportunities follow. A coworker had a break-up that made him so upset he vomited all night. My tooth was hurting, and I just got back from the dentist...that one will make for something right too. I trust. It takes time to accept that Life IS just the way it is meant to be. Reiki helps you trust that unseen forces for good are helping. To relax and go for the ride.

The power of passion. I have a stack of books that keeps growing. I keep reading with interest. Everything I can about this, and things that are related to this. It is nice to have something drive you. There is so much day-to-day busy-ness that can take your mind off the moment, off your path. It is Summer, and a beautiful day, and there is so much outside to appreciate. There is the pile of 'honey-do's' of course. Jack Kornfield said, 'after the ecstacy, the laundry.' It is good to have an appreciation of both.


Reiki Doc