Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Happened Last Night

Yesterday I did four c-sections and three epidurals. The first epidural was on a patient 'Flaca'. She was barely 100 pounds soaking wet before the pregnancy. Her hips were like a boys', very narrow. I couldn't help but notice as I put in the epidural. It was not easy. I had to go paramedian approach to get in. (it is the way you try when it is not going in the regular way).

Flaca had medical problems. Two autoimmune diseases, one of them, with the potential to shorten her lifespan. And she was just a kid.

Her midwife was not the greatest, and made her push for two hours. The kid came down sideways.

A cesarean section was called. The epidural worked well. I simply switched up the medicine I put into it. But she tore. On the inside. It was a complex uterine repair that nearly doubled the time in surgery.

Flaca was not doing well. She had lost a lot of blood, was pale, and kind of twitching. Hemodynamically stable, for I kept up. But energetically, not.

Since I had time, I did Reiki and Diksha on her. I got her some warm blankets from the warmer. I covered her arms, and also wrapped one 'babushka style' on her head.  As I wrapped, I rested my hands on her head. With Diksha she calmed. I felt her energy calm.

I prayed. I said, 'she needs to be here for this baby, help her please.' I didn't want her disease to progress early in the child's life.  As I did Karuna Reiki (R), I felt her calm. This was hands-off, but my working in her aura had a feel, energetically. I did a lot. And prayed.

I checked on her this morning. Out of all the mother/baby sets I worked with yesterday, she had the most genuine love for her  son. And was touching him and nursing him with true affection. I think she is going to be okay.

The photo above is from the Blue Angels flight team. One day, our trained Doctors with Reiki are going to go into danger zones and do their missions. Just like I did mine last night.


Reiki Doc