Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Different Point of View


Lately I have been having new insights. I go for my Karuna Master class this weekend. Karuna has a different way of looking at things. Before a class, you go though a cleanse. Mine seems to be an awareness expansion.

Last night I went to Circle. It is a psychic development class that is ongoing. Sometimes I get upset because some people tend to 'hog the spotlight' and class is only once a month. Yesterday, I saw it fresh. And true. Everyone there has to keep going for some reason. Instead of 'just to go' or 'to develop my skills', everyone there is looking for instruction for how to live their life. For mediumship from the Other Side directed to them. Last month I gave messages to others. None for me. Last night, the same. But I was also feeling calm, light, and at peace. I did my thing, and gave consolation to others. I realized not everyone gets messages for them all the time. But the ones that need it most, get. It was a beautiful circle.

Today, in the OR, I got 'exploding veins lady'. Frustrated, the preop nurses passed the i.v. on to me. It was hard since we were to work on one side and an arm had to be free of BP cuff and i.v. I tried. Every time I got it, I got in, but with flow, the i.v. blew. Finally, one on the right finger (on the side of work but just to 'get her to sleep'). It blew before induction! So I had to try, try, try. The patient was excellent. I finally got it on the right foot. It ran. But I didn't take it for granted! LOL

The next one was pro-basketball player height, football player build, and assaulted people last time they got morphine. Great. A real self-destruct case, with life expectancy less than 5-10 years although this patient was five years younger than me.

The last? Eight years older than me, but with severe cerebral palsy and institutionalized.

What if?

What if these patients were an efficient way of paying off Karma?

Not MINE, silly! Them.

What if, like they had a debt to repay (for their past, assuming reincarnation is valid), AND...
they wanted to 'pay it off quick.'?

Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? Being trapped in a body, failing, falling apart, with issues to the MAX?

Maybe what we think 'healing' may not be viewed the same way from The Other Side. Does this not make sense, if Life is a class and we are the lesson? 

Everyone wants an easy life. But if this were so, why would we struggle? There must be a reason. I am not sure exactly what it is. But I am thinking... : ) 

I hope you are too.

Namaste and Peace.