Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Karuna II Cleanse

There is nothing like a Karuna cleanse to make you feel like you are on the Twilight Zone! : )

Every Reiki class has some form of 'cleanse' associated with it. For me, my cleanses are always BEFORE instead of AFTER the course. For others, it is after. Typical Reiki cleanses included physical (cold/flu symptoms, other illnesses), emotional (irritability, crying), and functional (sense of time off, might sleep through class instead of waking up on time).

My cleanses were annoying. There would be traffic annoyances. I'd hit every light. I'd have to repeat tasks, they'd take twice or three times to complete. And the clutter! Just piled up in my house kinda scary.

The Karuna cleanse is of a different nature. Karuna is 'multi-dimensional' energy. It is not of the earth plane. Therefore 3 dimensional and time get majorly distorted as the practitioner is cleansed to accommodate the energy of a higher frequency. Some of my classmates saw walls come towards them and go back, many dropped things and were clumsy (pouring missed, trying to set things down would go past the point of intent). A lot were irritable, mad at others for every little thing.

For me, I think the 'mean and nasty' was part of the cleanse.  I was shocked to my core, but realized I had to let go of my desires for the piece of furniture and whatever else it was at work. Spirit was more trustworthy, and in the big picture, my heart's desires didn't amount to much. Also, the clutter improved and there was a greater clarity in solving problems, including the clutter.

I also noticed a lack of desire to 'help someone' by doing Reiki on them in my clinical practice. I realized that everything was happening at the proper place and time, as is best for all involved. Instead I focused on loving-kindness for my patient. Only when the case was extraordinary (advanced cancer, perhaps), did I consciously 'do my thing'.

Since then, the clutter has become more streamlined, and there is an effortlessness to trying to get things done. Getting to a film at a local Film Festival seemed like we were going to be late for sure. But as it worked out, we got in, great seats, great parking, food, and got an autographed poster from the director!

There is only one more class to go, Karuna Master. Then I can teach!

Have a good day, Namaste,

Reiki Doc