Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On Reinvesting in Life

This is air. We never think about it; it is vital. Breath connects us to spirit.

Sometimes, in the Lightworker, Body/Mind Connection path we need to put back into ourselves.

Yesterday, I spent an overnight shift on call in Labor and Delivery. I didn't get much sleep. But today was a changing day nevertheless.

First, I saw all my patients. I rounded on them. Anesthesia *never* rounds on their patients post-op. With my surgical training, I can't skip this crucial step. So...every c-section, every NSVD, I saw to make sure the block had worn off and my patients were not in pain.

Then, I went to a French Bakery and had a croissant. A REAL BUTTER croissant. Like I have not had in years, and coffee.

I got a hair cut. I took a nap. I saw family and we went out together to a favorite family restaurant we have enjoyed since we were growing up.

Sometimes, the body needs more than food, water, and sleep. We need pampering. The soul benefits from this.

I remarked on this from 'Soulshaping:  Adventures in Self Creation' by Jeff Brown. He was a trial lawyer who became a writer and spiritual guide of sorts by baring his soul-searching experience in his book. This man had LOTS of massages, weekends in the country, seminars, conferences to help him find his way. The horrible trauma of his childhood necessitated it. I like how he teaches our lessons in this moment are what it right for us. He is the only author besides myself who has questions true gurus from false ones. He has advice on this, but furthermore states that 'we are both the teacher and the student'.
Check out his website

Another thing I did is visit a medium. I spent an hour basically talking with dad, who will have passed away two years now. It helps. I have a tape to go over of the session. He is reputable, and does work by telephone as well. I can refer you if you are interested.

I almost lost a friend over him. Well, a long-lost friend I had reconnected with when her child died unexpectedly. I had just discovered this 'sensitive-psychic', benefitted greatly, and sent my old friend a gift certificate, which is not cheap. She was deeply distressed, as this went against her Christian faith.

If it had been 'Holy Spirit' instead of 'dead people' talking, she would have been fine with it.
Go figure.

One day all this animosity will straighten out. My path is to be true to my calling, my task.

This is it.

It doesn't get better than this. AAAhhhhhh! I feel much better : )


Reiki Doc