Thursday, April 21, 2011


I just finished another overnight's call on obstetrics.

Today I am going to share with you about a few times I was giving of myself, in the Reiki manner.

Day before yesterday a neighbor's garage was aflame. There was a lot of chaos and screaming and fear. Our houses are all connected together, and this one below mine on the hill was the end home of a three-house unit. After making sure the four fire trucks that were there were 'winning', my son and I walked down the hill to check out the scene. I saw people watching in chairs, taking pictures, and a fireman ripping down a garage door. Energetically, the firemen were absorbed in their work, calm, focusing. My son was starting to get sucked into the 'it's awful' sentiment. Without saying a word, I gave Reiki. To the whole three-house unit. I felt a LOT of it flow. When it stopped, I closed the session. Reiki flows fast and the gift took about three minutes. The fire still was burning, but I knew I had taken steps to invite peace into this tragedy. Reiki can be sent to places and events, both forward (job interview? ) and back in time. All you need is the distance symbol, and Reiki II attunement to get it sent.

A coworker of mine confided in me. Problems at home, that were now aggravated by the loss of job in the not-so-motivated spouse. I could see patterns of energy, ego, and thought that had led to this since the last conversation maybe six months ago. I let my entire being become a channel of healing energy, with one guidance communicated by mouth--'call the toll-free confidential hotline and get into counseling.' At the same time, I could see how free will was at play, respecting the situation on all levels. Without their knowing it, I added this worker to a prayer group, all the while knowing that Reiki guidance can help make a bad situation less awful. It works.

At last Psychic development circle, I knew I was supposed to attend. I normally enjoy guidance from the session towards my soul journey. This one was different. I saw how people take. One man goes to both circles and has done so for years. Lots of spiritual direction is given to this individual. Every time. But information that is freely given to confirm the validity of the information given to him is not shared by this lightworker with the rest of the group. For the first time I noticed the imbalance. I saw blocks in another, and the various stages of progress of each member of our group. No information came to me through others. In quiet moments spirit gave me information for myself. But what I shared with the group far outweighed what was given by the group to me. I understood the point of circle--people of various stages of psychic development connect on a regular meeting schedule in order for each individual to grow. I realized my teacher, the leader of the session, acts in this role herself on most times. I modeled myself after her. And I saw what a future teaching Reiki is all about.  It is like being in medicine--of service to others--for their healing and their overall spiritual growth.

P.S. There is an 'introduction to Reiki' lecture at the metaphysical shop near my house next week. It is billed 'as used in hospitals'. LOL

In love and Light,

Reiki Doc