Thursday, April 14, 2011

On Peace

What is peace in the clinical setting? Why is it important? What can we do to increase it in the workplace?

The workplace is a very stressful place due to the nature of the traditional physicians' work. Stress can be from the severity of disease presentation, from 'production pressure' to treat patients faster and thereby produce more 'work', and from interpersonal concerns just as in any workplace.

Last time of a twenty-four hour shift, I intubated two people who were in the process of dying. The first one really bothered me. I saw the wife leaving the unit as I was walking in. The combination of what I am, what I do, and why I am doing it struck me with THE BIG PICTURE. Although I was able to do my job efficiently, it was not clear that despite a patent airway this man was going to make it. It got me down. From the adrenaline of the code blue, to the significance of this loss, it shook me to my core. Fortunately I was able to sit an process it by a fountain, reach out to friends, and come to equilibrium.

Since I had two such patients, in one day (the second reminded me of my father during his passing one year ago, equally hitting me 'at home')...I thought I would learn from it.

Doctors, nurses and everyone that works in the hospital, are human. We are not machines. Some of the things that replenish me I actively seek. Watching basketball, exercising, meditating and keeping ties open with family and friends helps. My greatest joy these days is practicing a form of healing, 'Divine Peace Healing'.

In Divine Peace Healing, the practitioner co-creates peace for many purposes. I find that sending Peace to help the Earth and places and groups of people on it very grounding. I do this at the same time every day. When I pray for individuals, I see effects in them. It really helps.

No matter what you do, if  you are a lightworker who is a healer in traditional allopathic medicine, doing what you can in your down time to enhance your connection to Spirit is a must.