Tuesday, April 5, 2011

With a Look

This one gave me a double-take at the butcher counter the other day. Why have something ordinary when you could have something beautiful?

Yesterday I went into my favorite 'crystal store'. I adore these places. Whenever I travel, the first thing I do when I am in my hotel room is look through the area yellow pages under bookstores and metaphysical. I like to know where they are. There aren't many. In my area there are four, but only two are really good ones.

At my favorite, when I walked in the door, intuition said, 'make eye contact with the owner' who was at the register. He glanced my way, but I worked to catch his gaze and hold it, looking him straight in the eye.
It felt funny, energetically, like I was giving Reiki, but I wasn't consciously in Reiki Mode right then.

"Wow! You could be Braco's sister!" he exclaimed, looking at his computer. Braco is a Croatian healer who heals just by looking at you. (http://www.braco.net/) He had been on that page at that moment.

I didn't know anything about Braco. But I laughed. Here I was to 'recharge' for a few minutes while running errands, and here I am, being used by Spirit, healing someone! Again!

What has been happening is my  purpose. I am asking for it to be shown to me. This blog is part of it. Humanitarian is part of it. I have a very strong desire to help, I know. I help at work and at play.

But today? I am starting to write my book. I am looking forward to it. Will tell you more, later. : )

Reiki Doc