Monday, April 25, 2011

How to Be Authentic

Even broken dreams bear fruit when one applies the power of intent, just like seeds in the garden grow to bear fruit.

Two of my 'crushed dreams' I wrote about in the last column came back!
What am I talking about? Well, here is my thinking:  the ability to bring something to reality is stronger than the power of others to stop this process. In other words, 'who can put a sprout back into a seed?'

Lesson 1: The custody at the holiday.

I share my kid. It bothers me. I hate it. But I put our son's needs first.

The OTHER parent's MOTHER wanted MORE for EASTER. They added an extra two hours to the weekend, leaving our side of the family three hours to celebrate. Furthermore, my hand was forced into having the get together at my house, to prevent two of those three hours from used for travel to and from our extended family's house.

The OTHER parent raised voice when I negotiated to either flip the day (morning our side, afternoon their) or split the difference (one hour later instead of two). This brought on hostility at the verbal, emotional and spiritual level. This partner of mine was exactly the same psychically  when we were together. It was brutal, painful, and after they left I cried, heartbroken for an hour...embarrassed to cry in front of our child.

I felt my pain and honored it. The IN-LAW later confessed to putting up the EX-PARTNER up to this stunt, trying to justify basically changing the custody to suit her needs. Although a family member was sick, practically hospice sick, I let her know exactly how upset I was and why. It takes an act of Congress to get a holiday off in my line of work. I would have appreciated a chance to know BEFORE two weeks in advance of the holiday to either WORK or make other plans. I also shared that my family members were not healthy, and have more than six months but probably less than two years to live. I got the time split to one and one half hours.

All the while, I imagined a beautiful party at my house with our boy in it, enjoying his cousins.

It came to pass. The house was all set, Easter was celebrated late in the day, but it worked. Furthermore, the niece who had an organ transplant has to be without food before and after a certain life-saving pill. I had not factored that into our celebration. But Spirit did.

Lesson 2: The furniture

There is a certain piece of furniture at my grandmother's home I have always expressed an interest to have, once she passed or did not want it.

The dysfunctionality of my family reared its ugly head. I agreed to let this piece go in order to keep the peace. I was devastated.

I felt my pain and told one family member exactly why I was upset: my family, particularly her, had on multiple occasions treated me pretty bad. I saw another sibling favored. Heavily. And this piece, from my grandmother was what I had focused on to stay the course. It was my dream to one day have it.

Once I let it go, exactly as I had let go the Easter plans with my kid, miraculous things happened.

The family members had a change of heart, the one with the truck brought the piece over, and now it looks better than ever in my house.

I will remember the miracle every time I look at it. Everyone knew in my heart it was mine.

How does this apply to you?

Think of a dream. Own it. Cherish it. Look forward to it, imagining it as if it were real and yours already.

Feel the joy. Feel the love, feel the happiness...

Due to your inherit ability to manifest, and you were born with it, it will come true. All that needs for it to happen is to feel your feelings, let go to the outcome, and let the Universe do what is best for all : )


Reiki Doc