Monday, April 18, 2011

Disneyland Chopra-style

Looking for a little R and R, I took my son to La Costa recently.

I was surprised to see the Chopra influence at the place. I saw the shop, the center, the meeting room where they do yoga, and meditated in the meditation room. With my son. The kind lady giving us the tour nearly fell over when I said we will have no problem meditating. I am a Reiki Master and he is a Reiki age six.

Apparently one 50 minute treatment of Reiki at the spa was $155!

The spa is very nice, a 'spa topia', complete with Feng Shui heauty salon. But I couldn't help picking up on the vibes of that place. It was Carnival Cruise with a self-improvement twist. Wealthy middle-aged couples were walking around with the woman in her yoga clothes. It didn't feel...connected.

At the Lilly Pulitzer store, while browsing, I overheard a woman telling the clerk she single-handedly convinced an anesthesiologist from UCLA from 'going into bioidentical hormone buisiness.' Ah, the conspiracy of their whispers against medicine. The tone was 'they knew best!'. I smiled. I cover BOTH worlds!

At least it is a start, the Chopra center. By the end of the second day, my son and I had picked up on so much negative energy we were bickering with each other. I checked out right then and there. We drove to Sea World...and had a much more pleasant rest of our vacation.

Rest and relaxations is important. Especially for those of us in the helping professions. I have a Whipple today.