Saturday, April 23, 2011

When people get mean n nasty

This is an ancient protective lion statue outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

Conflict has been around since time began. There are many ways of looking at it. I find the 'warrior's way' helpful.

Reiki is the power of Spirit. It is positive, healing, and light.

Not everyone has their T.V. set to this channel!

Lately I have been wrongly accused, had dreams crushed, and been taken advantage of. Why? Well, for one example, think of it as teachers training me on my task of spreading Reiki. How will I have Reiki be a part of my core belief system when I do not apply it in conflict?

Another way of looking at it is 'detachment'. These teachers won't let you get anything 'your way'. What really IS 'your way'? Is it ego? It might be. Take a closer look, feel your feelings, and let it go.

The last way of looking at it, is as in battle. The way of spirit, when adhered to, is going to win. I am not going to let *my* vibration sink to 'their level'. I am going to rise above. I keep my power when I do not blame, explain, or struggle to get my way. I am the bigger person. I offer the injustice to Spirit, like appealing to a higher court. There will be justice. But not at this place and time.

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

Reiki Doc