Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Revolution. Re-evolution. REVOL-ution...I have a friend on a social media site who writes like that. Has all the answers of the Universe. Love one, love ALL...most of the time his posts are pretty pleasant.

Until yesterday. "Imagine a world with NO DOCTORS!"

I saw red.

Why? He violated a spiritual law. He and all the hangers-on that slammed doctors in general, in the comments that followed. I said I was unhappy. Not ONE PERSON apologized, although one did send a write more and sorta re-explained her point.

The spiritual lws is that EACH ONE HAS THEIR OWN PATH. It was chosen for whatever reason before being alive. No one has a right to knock another's spiritual path. No one.

Anyway, it was an eye-opening session. I remember a scene from the Chinese movie, Ran. In the revolution, all the young people who were communist knew all the answers and threw out the old obstetrician doctor from the hospital. The hero of the story's wife was in labor. There were complications. She hemorrhaged in childbirth. The communists ran to go get the old doctor. But they were too late. The blood of the mother's death in childbirth was on their hands.

In revolutionary times, doctors are the first to go. In war, doctors can get drafted. Depending on their skills. The sacrifices doctors make to home and family are countless. The sacrifice of sleep, social time, and exercise, as well as meals and bathroom visits on a daily basis, is HUGE.

Organized medicine is at its breaking point. Healthcare workers and patients are being choked by the insurance industry and pharmaceutical industry and medical equipment industry. And the general population does not do well with authority figures, and hates it that doctors can cure them when they can't.

So...if YOU are a NeW-*$--ThINKer, and YOU don't want anything to do with medicine...and end up screaming for an epidural in the middle of the night, I will be there to take away your pain. With a smile. And NEVER ONCE will I say what I think, which is, "I told you so."