Friday, March 11, 2011

Case Reports in Compassion

This is a view of my grandmother's back yard. She lives in a neighborhood that has declined much since she moved in over half a century ago. My grandparents tend to the house, and through their work have a healthy, and beautiful garden. I wish to call your attention to what lies behind the fence.

Her neighbors yards are in various states of being as opposite from hers as possible. To the left, the extension to the house built all over the yard. There is no yard. There is no garage either. It is a 'rumpus room' and extra bedrooms that house MANY people. Behind the fence you see, is a home where nobody quite tries, but has not given up either. To the right is a home where truly they have given up. The owners stay inside, the house is falling apart, and the yard is simply a mess.

In my work, I can see my patients somewhat the way my grandmother can see the neighbors homes from her back porch.

In myself, I am opening up to the energetics of healing. I read voraciously, most recently, "Voices from Ancient Bethlehem", "The Shadow King: The Invisible Force that Holds Women Back", and also the latest book by Dr. Emoto.  I am now a Karuna I practitioner and Deeksha practitioner. I have passion about this, and actively pursue development and growth.

Two patients came last week through my care. One was a classic opportunity for Karuna, the other, for Deeksha. I will explain.

Karuna is a form of energetic healing unlike Reiki, which is directed towards the physical body, aims at healing of the soul. Similar to Reiki, and used in combination with it, the energy has a different sensation. It is very warm, caring, and compassionate rather than electric as it is used.

This man, approximately the same age as me, survived Fournier's Gangrene. He almost died of a rapid infection of the pelvic and perineal area. He was alive, and came from home to be 'put back together', as all his infected skin had been taken off in the first surgery.  His 'manhood' had been disfigured.  He also was concerned about the pain he would experience upon waking up from surgery. He woke up screaming in pain the time before.

As he slept, I felt his energy. Indeed, it was almost without hope. Very low. I gave Karuna and balanced his chakras. He awoke smoothly, was able to move himself from the OR table to the gurney, and expressed thanks to all the persons in the room. He was peaceful, calm, and completely without the anxiety he had shown preoperatively. He was also in no pain.

Diksha, on the other hand, 'is healing directed into the brain to the seeds of karma'. It helps a person to advance toward their growth by forgiving karmic debts that may be 'holding you back'.

She had a black eye and 'did not know where she got it'. Her husband stood up at the foot of the bed, keeping eye contact on her throughout my history and physical in the pre-op area. Most of her teeth were missing, and she was embarassed to take off her bridges until the very last minute before surgery. Everything about her said, 'abuse'.

In surgery, she got Diksha energy, in addition to Karuna and chakra balancing. It was in surgery myself, years before I became a doctor, I woke up and realized I had to leave my abusive work and home. I found my courage, and went away to medical school. I do not know the outcome for this patient in the long term, but in the short term, she complained of pain, required more medication than the woman before who had the same surgery and was a chronic pain patient. She did not go home when she should.
She has a rough path ahead of her. I've walked it. Hopefully, the healings helped tip the scales in her favor.

Have a beautiful week my like-minded and most-appreciated DEARS!
Reiki Doc