Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trust your Gut Instincts

By the way, this is my great-grandmother. I never met her. She lived in another country and ran a bakery. She was a smart woman.

I come to you a lot smarter now.

As I had said earlier, I read voraciously. About two months ago, I read a book by Art Ferdig, 'The Bridge' and 'Taught by Angels'. The Archangel Metatron contacted him through a Reiki/Massage Therapist in Jamaica.

I was surprised as I was not familiar with Metatron, except for a role in a movie with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon about Catholicism, Dogma. I liked what I heard from 'The Bridge'. Except it seemed weird how Art had so much trouble with trust, talked about money troubles, and his group 'The New Ekklesia' just seemed really strange why he would be chosen to build it. Angels don't need financial structures/organizations on earth.

His website looked dorky. Something wasn't right. Sure enough: he was a con man.
He was arrested in Los Angeles August 3, 2010. A Ponzi scheme.
Here is the article that opened my eyes:

He looked like a minister. But something 'wasn't right' when I looked at his face and put it all together. WRONG VIBE.

Same with Diksha. I have felt it. I learned to use it at a special class. But when I saw Sai Maa on a video on her website, I didn't like the feeling I had in my gut. And when I looked at the other links  about her fraud and cult, and back at her 'center' in Colorado, I was sickened. I had thought since her teaching was free, it was okay. But Sai Baba, her guru and mentor, was a fraudster too.

So close to a wolf...two of them, actually...but my gut knew.

It happens in the Christian churches, too. Last week I was saddened. I read an article of a woman who had lost her sister and joined a church at 16. When she was 28, the same pastor started having an affair with her. It lasted for 16 years. He told her she was 'serving God'. He had her sleeping under her husband's nose with her pastor, his brother,  and his visiting friends. Even with another person watching once, without her knowledge of it.

She woke up when he wanted her to pick up random men in bars, have sex with them, and come tell him all about it. She told her husband. And her pastor ended up going to jail. Other women spoke up and testified against him.

Trust no one.
Test with your heart.
You will know the truth.

If you are aware, you can be safe.

Great grandmother Guiseppina would be proud of you. I know she was for me. ; )