Friday, March 18, 2011

Hearing the Unspoken

I am sleepy after a hard night's work on labor and delivery.

Something happened, though, that was unusual in the middle of the night. It was a first. My intuition, my reading of the situation, and my being a source of Reiki 'clicked' in just the right way.

A multip came in at nine centimeter's dilation. Usually this is too late for epidural. But she wanted it. Something told me to give it a try.

Tattoos everywhere on the couple. I was struck by how calm she was in her pain. And how her husband soothed her during the procedure. It went in perfectly, her epidural. And she felt better.

The family dynamic had seemed odd when I came into the room. The daughter was there, and was escorted out by her Auntie and her dad said, 'There is a big needle.'. Then my patient had a pillow pet. The father was into sports and spoke with me like I had known him forever.

The picture didn't add up. I poured as much Reiki and Karuna as I could from my heart to hers. I picked up 'crazy' in the family and 'woman in trouble' and opened my heart, smiled, and silently prayed for healing for her.

It turns out there was domestic violence in the couple. She almost died last summer. Now they were back together.

I am really glad for everyone's sake, that my training and intuition were working.

She had an uneventful delivery not much later. My total time interacting with her, not more than twenty minutes. Hopefully, there will be positive influence from it. Thanks to Reiki!

Namaste and going to sleep now,
Reiki Doc