Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reiki Ripple Effect-Two Examples

These are whale toys. My child's interest in marine mammals is contagious. Two preschools and a kindergarten have added 'whales' to their curriculum because of this fascination with them. As you can see by the bath toys, the interest is consistent, focused, and strong.

My interest in Reiki is having a similar effect at work and at home.

At home, I do Reiki every night on the family at bedtime. One child, the 'whale child', wanted to learn it so bad.  This dear old soul would practice on me without being trained! So, after becoming Reiki Master, this was the first attunement I did. Imagine my surprise when three months later, during a homework assignment, this little one says, 'I want to show you something!' and draws a perfect Sei-hei-ki!

It is time to move up to Reiki two. I started the lessons that very night. Reiki one teaches how to turn on the power, use it, and turn it off for healing. Reiki two has three symbols, plus a way of doing remote healing.  As I was teaching I realized I would LOVE to bring Reiki to the children. Absolutely love it. My father taught elementary school. I must have inherited his love of education from him.

But I work. In the OR. And there is a profound ripple effect there. As I have moved up in Reiki and Karuna, I have had more requests. A request is when a coworker asks for you to work on them or a loved one. I have done anesthesia for an obstetrician, a surgeons' wife, a surgical tech, and two OR Nurses. On deck are a nurse supervisor, an OR First Assist Nurse, and three pregnant coworkers. They are seeking me out. Although I have only told one I do Reiki, when I worked on her friend and expect to work on her,  people are clamoring for my professional services. I am good at what I do. But it is the Reiki that makes me better.

Part of being an advanced Reiki Practitioner is being a continuous source of Reiki to all who need it.

It is starting to show!

Have a good day, and Namaste.
Reiki Doc