Saturday, May 21, 2011


Last night, a bunch of nurses and myself had a 'circle' without it being official: we shared our intuition about a patient to move forward as a group and make sure the newborn was tested for illicit substances.

One nurse was upset. After the delivery, the baby nurse did not see any reason to 'bag' the urine.

She shared. I said, yes, the vibe in that room is that of abuser. Someone else said, 'The father smells' (he had gone out to party that the baby was coming but didn't realize it was going to be that night the baby would come.). I shared data from the epidural placement, her not flinching to the local injection (which hurts a LOT), and how the last time I saw a mom like this the husband had a record for assault on her last summer. The ward clerk got online to the local court system, and pulled up not one but two cases of arrest on the mother for drug charges. The baby nurse was shown this data, and the bag was tubed over in less than a minute and placed on the child.

The group worked together, using very little data, to solve a problem. We each have had experiences with 'the drug parent' archtypes. It was through sharing our individual perceptions that this was a success in leading to possible intervention for the newborn.

Did I use my Reiki? I do not know. At this point, everything is working together seamlessly, unconsciously, and effective as all heck. The questions I ask colleagues are close to home, almost like a lawyer--who planned a surprise birthday party recently, who has a left-handed son, etc. Through claircognizance I automatically 'know', and base my questions from there. It is not spooky or scary. Just uncanny.

I know that Development Circle is a strange concept to understand. I thought this was an excellent example of how we  work together using intuition and our perception, to help patients in our care.

Reiki Doc