Sunday, June 5, 2011


Why I am happy

I vibrate at a much higher frequency than I did years ago. Things don't throw me as much.
In this photo, the lattice is from a gardener's bench made by my first husband. The pain from that is gone. My anniversary is coming up. His birthday, our anniversary, neither fazes me. Time and the lessons learned  helped me heal.

Behind is a Christmas Cactus. He gave me one in courtship. This is a different plant. I enjoy them. They bloom in December and make me think of beauty (flower) from pain (cactus).

On the far right is an empty pot. It is upside down. There is probably a black widow under it. They like to do that. Do I have to mess with it now? No. I acknowledge it and will get to it. In my own time.

The floral pot on the left is empty. There is no hole in the bottom. Because of this, nothing will grow. I have tried. Many times. No flow, no grow. Why I keep it? I am not sure. But I stopped trying the impossible. I let it rest.

In the foreground, an 'air plant'. It has no roots. It was attached to an African Grey Parrot statue. The statue broke. I kept the plant anyway. How it gets its nourishment, I'll never know. I water it when I water the garden. I have had it for ten years now. It always blooms. To me, that plant is Reiki in my life. I don't understand it, but I nourish it and appreciate it. And the flow...Reiki is flowing through me.

I help others with it. My son cut his ankle yesterday. He asked for Reiki. It was bleeding. He responded well to it. Reiki is a part of our life.


Reiki Doc