Thursday, June 23, 2011

Whole-istic Medicine

This is a power ball. It is used in the operating room to plug in all of the equipment for surgery. The outlets on the wall are just not enough. They are also too far so people would trip on the cords if they were used.

A big part of modernizing operating rooms these days involves the use of 'towers' and 'boom arms' to house all the equipment, and therefore all the plugs and cords. It is working, but still there are times a power ball is needed. The drapes can be clipped to them like an i.v. pole, too, making the ether screen.

Lets talk about holistic medicine. It is the treatment of the entire patient, using non-traditional and traditional healing techniques for the benefit of healing the patient. For example, one of my plastic surgeons has patients take arnica to reduce swelling and inflammation.

To me, 'Whole-istic Medicine' is the whole package--treating of the physical body and spirit at the same time with Reiki healing energy. Just as surgery fixes a problem or gives a patient extra time and quality of life, Reiki can be done throughout the healing process to enhance and support a patient in their recovery.

A bariatric patient gets preoperative therapy, psychological counseling, to enhance the likelihood of success from the surgery. There is a coordinator for the program that supports the patient every step of the way. There are classes, rehabilitations, exercise sessions, and follow-up. We just don't throw a patient out 'into the void', like we would an appy or a gallbladder sort of case.

Although the pharmaceutical industry may not appreciate it, Reiki healing energy is another component in the healing spectrum that is the future of the healing arts. We pass patients through unseen energy in the form of CT scanners and MRI scanners and PET scanners. Why not psychic ones? It can't hurt! The underlying reasons 'why' for the disease, the energetic patterns in the subtle body, may be addressed and possibly corrected.

And since the patient is going to surgery anyway, the anesthesia provider is in the perfect place to layer one healing modality on top of another for maximum effect.

This may save money in the long run for the insurance companies, and it definitely would improve patient response to medical care.


Reiki Doc