Thursday, June 16, 2011

When things are rough for patients

Here are some thoughts from a day at work:

"How do you tell people bad news?" I asked the kind Gastroenterologist I worked with today. (The patient's cancer was invading further). He thought about it and said, "First, I throw out a cue to know it is bad. For example, I found something that shouldn't be there. Many times the patients have an idea already that something is wrong. Then, I am professional. I tell them the truth as gently as possible. I give them time for it to sink in. Although I do it, it is NEVER EASY."

As an anesthesiologist, even though I know bad news, I never tell the patient. Only the surgeon doing the procedure can. But I always let the recovery room nurse know if it is bad. That way she can prepare the patient for it and be ready once the patient finds out the results.

When this one went to sleep, he said, "I LOVE the heaven of anesthesia." I thought about that, the whole case. What must undoubtedly be a painful source of worry is released once consciousness slips. That is a nice way to look at my occupation.

The procedure was fast, less than ten minutes. So I was busy with tasks. All the while, I knew the Reiki, if it was needed, would automatically flow to the right place while I worked.

The next patient was borderline abused. The husband denied her an epidural in labor, and also denied her a tubal ligation. She was back one month later.

I knew what to do. Everything! Why let an opportunity for change like that pass? For heaven's sakes, they are trying to get us to counsel patients on smoking cessation as a routine perioperatively. They are most open to life changing then. Well, I let my Reiki in, as much as possible, to tip the scales in her favor. I think for her, the Diksha will help bring about the most results. That baby needs her.

And in PACU? I told her RN about the father...and said, "We need to give him the stink eye." LOL

Take care and have a wonderful day.

Reiki Doc

P.S.  Our son's dad went off on me today. He rants righteous texts at me. I am so glad I did not marry him. However, with my Reiki training, I can handle him a lot better. He can't 'get to me' as much. I stay strong in my self-worth and convictions. We don't really talk about how Reiki makes us better people, but perhaps we should. I would have had a terrible day from what he did before I took Reiki classes. Namaste : )