Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Obstetric Reiki

When I was in Clerkship on OB, I really liked it. On OB Anesthesia, too, for the first time with my favorite Professor to show me 1 on 1 how to put in epidurals and the like.

It was at the busiest Labor Deck in the area I learned to dislike it. Rich moms were favored to the extent that poor moms in labor were moved out of a room with a view if a rich mom came in. Even if she was pushing. Nurses ordered anesthesia residents around all hours of the day or night. The trays of drugs from pharmacy were poorly stocked, and the anesthesia cart kept being hidden due to the Joint Commission Survey taking place while I was rotating there.

My love for cardiac anesthesia arose out of my dislike of obstetrics. Hearts, hearts, hearts. All I wanted to do was hearts.

Part of my not liking OB was the pain of not having been a mother.

Reiki changed all that. I work with a department I enjoy. Being a mother myself makes it more pleasant. It is trying to relive my own time that makes me smile inside.

My capacity for Drama is amazing. Let me explain.
THE SCARED FIRST TIME MOM: I just roll with it. I take what I can as far as cooperating with the procedure goes. It is always lots more work because they have heard the stories and really fight it. Karuna and Reiki Master really help me stay anchored when the drama gets extreme.

STAY OUT OF THE WAY: some moms write 'little scripts' in their mind. I let them. I know my role in it. But it's their birth, their history, and ultimately their story. Healthy mom, healthy baby...that's the key.

GOING LIKE GANGBUSTERS MULTIP: these are the most technically challenging. There is not much fluid on board, and there is only one chance. I go into automatic mode. It goes right in.

PREECLAMPSIA and other OB EMERGENCIES: Live in the moment. Do each step the best that you can. Don't look back.

PSYCHO-FAMILY-DYNAMICS: Skate right on above. Don't get sucked in.

When it comes right down to it, it is about the MOM and DAD and BABY, not about me. I serve. In the middle of the night, I give of myself because I want to set a good example for the parents when the baby wakes them up. It's part of LIFE, not sleeping...

Unscathed. But tired. That's what I am. And replenished in Spirit, because Reiki never drains you.

A shower...ahhh...that's next!

Reiki Doc