Friday, February 28, 2014

A Message From Blessed Mother: 3/29/1992

This message was given to Visionary Barbara Matthias while she was hosting me and my husband and his family in her home at Santa Maria, California,  on 3/29/92.

I saw the notes in pencil, as Barbara always writes down in pencil what Blessed Mother shares with her in her visions.

I asked permission to write down what Blessed Mother had said.

I wrote this, copying word for word, with a pen. And then when I went to work, I typed it up on the word processor. My first husband and I did not own a computer...or perhaps we did and I just don't remember.

Here it is, Her message, exactly as it was, on that day:

I am a Mother of Deep Appreciation and,  I come to you today in great Love and Compassion.

My main theme today is to thank you, My Chosen Remnant for your Deep Faith and Trust in Me and My Son.

I urgently desire you to continue on this strong Path up in Faith in ways which My Son and I will direct.

One way in which I desire you to walk in Faith is to be faithful to the duties of your Life knowing that Our Jesus and I are guiding you.

I am touched so deeply by your strong Faith that tears of Joy are coming from My Eyes. Do not be concerned these tears are tears of Joy. Thank you.

Let your faith grow and grow ever so strongly that you will not even realize the degree to which you will be used in My plan because of your Faith.

Each of you have an important part to play in My plans, and I will reveal to you what you are to do for Me.

Be faithful to what you do for Me and you will be richly blessed.

Some will be used as Prophets, some in a healing ministry, and some in intercessory prayer. Others will be called to suffer for souls.

In which ever way you are used know how very much Jesus and I love and appreciate you and your Faith.

Blessed Mother gave Her Blessing

P.S. Please apologize to the others for their having to finish up on dinner for you while you were having your vision this afternoon. (ed--this is a personal instruction to Barbara Matthias in the P.S.)


This is also when two other things happened--
1) I was told by Barbara the name of my Guardian Angel is Laetari. His name means 'Joy'.
2) I went to confession at the church across the street in Santa Maria, California. He was the monsignor who ran the church. During confession, for my penance, he asked me to pray for him! This is the second time in confession a priest has asked me to pray for him.

I enjoyed being in the Catholic Faith very much for the time I was actively participating in it.

In July 2012, ever since I discovered the truth of the 'inner workings' behind the scenes at the church, I stopped participating at my former connection.  (I discovered the Jesuit Agenda, and I stopped going to services. Although I pray in my heart, the same as ever, and instead of Rosaries, I heal others with my prayerful intentions and meditations with every form of healing that I know in my heart. I still enjoy the Rosary very much, and if I had more time I would say it in my meditations too. I prayed it every day from 1987 to when I became a mom, I think, those days flew by so fast I might have missed some and it got more 'spread out' than daily. So that would be almost eighteen years. I still meditate and pray but I send Reiki Healings too.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. I have a Special Devotion to Blessed Mother, and I have since 1990 when I had my pituitary surgery. I also have developed a Special Devotion, without realizing exactly when it happened, to Her Son.

P.P.S. She asks me to share with you my favorite song at the moment. I am shy and she is encouraging me just like you would encourage a friend to go up and sing karaoke!

Happy by Pharrell Williams

Peace <3