Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Norsaline--'Overpriced Salt Water'

You want salt water?

There was an editorial written by the 'Sheeple' news writer Melissa Melton called, 'Why are hospitals charging eight hundred dollars for a bag of salt water?'  (http://www.shiftfrequency.com/melissa-melton-why-are-american-hospitals-charging-up-to-800-for-a-1-bag-of-salt-water/)

There's lots of reasons!

Here we go, from someone who has been 'inside' the business for the last twenty two years:

  • there is no fish pee in it. (Coconut juice, fresh from coconut, is okay to put in a vein--but not ocean water.)
  • The best is Plasmalyte--that has just the right mix to keep patients doing well in the heart room. Next is LR--Lactated Ringer's--which is like human serum in electrolytes. Then there is NS--Normal Saline--it lacks the bicarb and potassium and calcium that is in the LR.
  • To get one liter of saline to a patient, there are many middlemen and shippers and stockers along the way.
  • In medicine, we bill crazy because there is this game between us and the payors (insurance companies). We ask for crazy amount, and they pay like, hardly anything. If we asked for 'reasonable' we would get about one tenth or even less of that.
  • It's not going to the doctors and nurses. The OR is a huge money maker. All that money is going somewhere and I think it's administration on either the HMO or the insurance or somewhere.
  • I agree it's good to raise the question. I actually stopped ordering some labs I used to by routine once I had to pay for my outrageous deductible on my private insurance plan I buy for myself on my own labs I had drawn for a health screening.
  • You know I'm really not very useful to the public without my equipment--which the hospital provides--anesthesia machine, medications, endotracheal tubes, etc. We don't charge for each item we use in anesthesia. Just the medications.
  • By the way--Reiki I provide to my patients is FREE!
So I hope you continue the discussion in a polite, calm manner, that shows Light on how ridiculous the entire situation is! 

I'm still laughing over how much a dental extraction cost me for my kid. There was an extra tooth in the gum, and it had to come out, along with a baby tooth. Total time in the office, about thirty minutes. Just a little sedative and some nitrous oxide. I paid over five hundred dollars! And there is dental insurance I buy every month--the insurance company paid about five hundred dollars too! 

When is this going to end?


Truth is stranger than fiction! Hold on to your hats. Big changes are coming our way. To everything as we know it. And new technologies are hopefully going to come on board to make for some real progress, at relieving disease and suffering too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Norsaline is pronounced 'nor-sah-line' and was once prescribed at County USC medical center for the placebo effect. It was just normal saline. My ex-husband used to have to give it by doctor's orders in the ER. Now this is illegal to prescribe 'nothing' as 'treatment'.

P.P.S. Next time we'll discuss the topic of 'supratentorial'   ; )

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