Monday, February 17, 2014

A Meeting With Ross and Ashtar

All of a sudden I got very sleepy. I excused myself and lay down on the couch. I covered myself with a blanket. This happened about two hours ago, today.

As I relaxed, I found myself in a clearing. It looked somewhat like this photo above, with sky and bushes at the edge. It also felt somewhat like this:

Both Ashtar and Ross were there. I was sitting, and they were kneeling and looking in my eyes, saying, 'we want you to be happy here.'

There was a feeling of finality to it, like I was going to be going away forever. And I looked at them, puzzled, why I would be summoned to this place with them, and why my happiness was connected to this place?

I was on board ship. And they have a special room that is of Nature. Everyone goes there for fifteen minutes a day. This must have been for the officers, because we were the only ones there. The air smelled fresh, and there was a breeze. It was real sunlight, not lamps, and I knew because I asked how it works.

They also have sunrise and sunset in the room, and it matches the time (length of day) on your home planet.

up and to the left was a very big hill, like this, but no lake and no homes at the bottom.

At the top of the hill was a home that looked like this, but no italian cypress trees 

It was this color, and had architecture modern, like I had never seen, a cross between the two structures. I understood it was Ross's home. There was no flag.
That is why he needs to come way down on the way to work. It's up on the hill.

Ashtar excused himself, and Ross took me by the hand, my left hand, as we went up the hill.

The path felt like this...

And also like this but there was gravel under my feet.

I stopped cold, and asked Ross if this was some 'hologram thing'? I was wary. He looked at me funny, as if he wanted to explain something but held back. I 'felt' his thought that Earth is a big hologram, so how is one to compare?

I thought--knowing full well he could understand--'Where are the animals and the wildlife? The birds? Where is the water?'

There was none. But we continued walking hand in hand up the hill, and it was not strenuous.

At the top of the path was a big door that was imposing and felt like this but it looked a little lighter in color and was wider.

Ross knelt down, looked me in the eye, and showed me this big key.

It was gold, and was as big as my hand, and it was heavy. Mom had an old key like this to her home in Sicily, when she was a girl. The family took the keys with them. She hung it on the wall in our living room in our house, and used to take it down and show it to us. It was just like that, but gold. 

Ross showed me he had one too. He had me turn the key in the lock, and the door opened a little. He also put it on a chain around my neck. Ross said he wants me to know I am free to come and go as I like. He looked me in the eye as he said it, and it felt important for him to let me know. He pushed the door open the rest of the way.

Inside were our children!

I recognized the home from the inside, I had been there many a time before. I was very excited and threw my arms around Sarah Alexandra's neck, and Benjamin's too. They were excited to see me. I couldn't stay for long, but Benjamin looked me in the eyes and said, quietly, 'I won't go anywhere until you get back.' I was most grateful.

Then it was time to go.

I woke up and was back on the couch.

Something tells me I should write it. In my heart, I know I should write a vision like this here. This is just in case you have visions along these lines yourself.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc