Monday, February 10, 2014

On Assignment: February 2014

This weekend I have been out of town.

My first 'assignment' was to be there for my son. His dream was to have some time with me not 'always being on the computer'. We went on a plane, and left to San Francisco.

My assignment 1A was to recover that which I had lost, my dreams of settling here long-term, since I was twelve, my college years, my health problems (pituitary adenoma--which has been resected and cure reached), and my first marriage to my college sweetheart.

Moffit-Long Hospital, as seen from a tour bus, with a huge 'orb'

The second 'assignment' was with Ross. We cleared the souls that were stuck near/around/below the Golden Gate Bridge. There are more suicides here than any other bridge I know. Why me? Because my maternal great-grandfather came from Italy to help build it. A lot of workers died trying to make it. Mother says he said it was about ten workers a day. So there is a connection to the bridge I have, in my DNA, from him. And so for all of the deaths, accidental or not, any souls that were lingering have been sent to the Light.

The third 'assignment' was here.

A prison cell at Alcatraz is five feet wide, nine feet long, and seven feet tall.

Yesterday it was transformed into a beacon of Light, and all souls who are in the area, and trapped--prisoners, wardens, and the outlying communities--have a welcome home.

The three escapees died in the water, and their souls were taken home.
Together, Ross and I helped each one cross over to the Light.

For some reason, Ross, was especially pleased with our Light work, in fact, more so than any of the work we have done. : )

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc