Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Mai With Much Love

A true gift is from ourselves, from our heart...little did I know how I would give a gift like this today...

My friend Mai has a birthday sometime around now. She doesn't like people to know. I bought a card, and I went to visit her.

I remember thinking there should be some gift I should bring, or put into the card, but spirit said, 'nope, this is fine, just bring this.'

As I sat next to her while eating lunch with her and her lovely daughter, Linh, I thought, 'well, what they say is true--sometimes our presence is a present.'

Mai gets up and walks around. A lot. She's busy. Spending time with her is like spending time with a blur, but our hearts are close and I have gotten used to it.

I shared today the story of how Nana Angelina crossed over, and how I assisted her, and Mai had a tear in her eye. She didn't know I help people to cross over to the light, and that I have for twenty-two years. Mai is spiritual. She is okay with it, my being 'different' in this way.

Linh is surprisingly open-minded in her spirituality too. Today we talked, when Mai was away, about Illuminati. It turns out that the YouTube video I most recommend to explain their connection to the music industry has been pulled. The whole channel. Because of 'multiple copyright infringements'. Funny, it made the channel look more 'right' and YouTube less so for bowing to corporate interests instead of airing the truth...

Then she asked, since she knows I can see spirits, if there is anyone 'around her'.

I looked, and to her left shoulder was an older lady who looked like her Aunt Kim, whom I have met.

Linh was confused. "Is this my father's mom or the one who raised my dad?" she asked.

I didn't know there were two moms. Apparently the father had a baby with another woman who was not his wife, while he was married. The wife and the father raised it. This love child grew up to be Linh's dad, and Mai's husband. And he is a colleague of mine, whom I have known longest of all of them. And I never knew!

I looked to the spirit, who wouldn't say exactly who she was. But the family resemblance was strong, so I insisted it was whoever was related to Aunt Kim. It was the woman who had raised her dad, a woman she had never met. She had died of tuberculosis. Apparently when she had died, her 'son' was present, and she kept looking at him, and had tears running down her face. She had loved him.

'Was there any advice on how she died?' Linh wanted to know.

'Don't smoke'. I heard and shared. Linh said that her 'grandmother' had breathed a lot of second-hand smoke from her husband.

The 'grandmother' said she loved Linh very much, and was with her every day. She is also blessing Linh's new business venture.

Linh asked why her 'grandmother' was so very strict?

This came through as a thought-picture. The grandmother was concerned the son might have inherited the 'tendency to have sex without control' from his birth mother, and kept a tight rein on him to make sure he turned out right. He did. A concert pianist and a doctor.

Linh was also wondering is 'anyone else' was there? As she asked, I noticed the presence of an elderly Vietnamese male over her right shoulder. It was her grandfather, her father's father.

He explained that he had fallen in love with two women, and had sought comfort with the mother, never intending her to get pregnant. With the war it was very turbulent times and they were difficult on everyone.

'Where did they meet?' Linh asked.

At a bar.

He also said he was not able to show favor to his son, because of the delicate balance with his wife raising his 'love child'. He had to always reassure his wife that 'her babies were the best'.

Linh asked if the birth mother died in childbirth?

The answer was no. She lived. And she had watched the boy growing up but he never knew who she was in the village, that she was related to him.

Mai came and sat next to me. She caught up with the family story, and was totally confirming details, and enjoyed how the truth was coming out at last, on why her husband is the way he is, and how he was raised with so little affection.

A beautiful woman with facial features like this came over Lihn's left shoulder. The hair was jet black, and pulled up in a single barrette up the middle, and very long hair to her waist. Her face was stricken, with huge eyes, and I felt her energy as if she was stepping forward in spite of herself. The other female figure stepped back.

I am not worthy to come here!!! I felt her thoughts of fear and shame. She started to pull back.

I closed my eyes and concentrated. I didn't want to lose her. She was in trouble as a soul, with her heart. I called Ross, and he came, quick. She looked at Ross, who gently held her left arm in his right hand, at the elbow. She calmed down.

Here is her story:  She loved the father. She didn't know he was married. She loved him with all her heart. When she got pregnant, the truth came out, that he had another. She looked at her options--to be a beggar or a prostitute with the child? To have him be shunned as he grew up? With no future? Or to give him away, the only thing to do to save their honor--of all three of them--the wife, the husband, and herself. She watched him growing up, and she knew she had made the right choice, but it was difficult. She chose his welfare over her own. She never had another man. She never married. But those were different times. She lived a quiet life and she kept to herself.

She also came very close to me, with an object in her hand. She wanted to give it to her son. It was wrapped in cloth and string, a rectangle about one foot long and about eight inches wide. I had never seen anything like it before in my life. I had to ask what it was?

It was a doll for her son to hold because he could not be with her.

It was a handmade doll of cloth.

I could tell it was her heart's longing to be there for him, and give him the affection he so badly lacked while growing up. Mentally I accepted it, and handed it to Mai.

Mai listened with interest. Again, there was a tear rolling down her face. She said she had heard that the mother was a very close childhood friend of the 'grandmother', the woman who raised her husband. She always felt that she did not die in childbirth, and that something was not right in the stories that she had heard.

The birth mother explained that Mai was especially chosen for her husband. She is a real woman who is loving and PRESENT and worries for his health. She is not some dreamy person. She gets in his face and lets him know how she feels (for his health, for example, his diet and his medicine) and there is no denying he is LOVED by her, he KNOWS it unmistakably in his heart. This was to make up for his childhood, which was not so pleasant.

Then the birth mother reached into her heart, and showed me a flower. It looked like a small sunflower, but was orange. It was a spirit flower, and she pinned it into Mai's aura. I struggled to describe what kind of flower it was...

It was a lotus. she said, very clearly.

And she went away.

We had been doing the mediumship a long time. So long in fact that all three of us had to go use the lavatory! We were back in the 'normal world' again, and I gave thanks for the messages that were shared with us by Spirit today.

Sometimes a mother's love is the most beautiful thing of all...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. as it was time for me to go, Mai whispered in my ear how her husband will be glad to know the story of his origin. The amount of peace I felt in the room, between Linh, Mai, and the 'love triangle', humbled me and made me give thanks for the gift I was able to assist the communication with, for all of them.

Spirit was right.

Nothing in the card! But not empty handed. It was filled with Blessings, Love, and Light...