Friday, February 14, 2014

Me And Ross Yesterday

My house has, well, um...rats. The neighbors have them too. We live in a wooded area, and well, there is a war between us and the 'invaders'. It doesn't help having six feet of dead space between the homes that are connected together, too. Anything can happen in there...

That being the case, then, there is one thing I asked Ross to do a favor for on my behalf since he is galactic.

I asked, him, 'Honey? Would you please make it that there are no rats?'

He didn't really say yes or no, but I accepted it as 'yes'.

Two days ago, I heard something rattling around in the wall behind the cupboard that is above the refrigerator. I hate it. My son is also very upset by rats.

Over the years I have become quite the trapper. And most of the time I catch things and he never needs to know.

Well yesterday morning, the sink wouldn't drain right. It's in the bathroom directly above the 'loud noises'.

And I opened the cabinet to look at the lever for the sink drain.

Guess what I saw?

A dead rat in a trap.

I catch them there, the soap-eating rats. This one was rat number three, and except for being dead, it looked healthy!

My heart sank.

Where was Ross in all this?

As my bare hands opened the trap (I had run out of gloves), I wanted to cry. My son watched and was horrified. The rat was stiff and starting to smell. It must have been one day. And those eyes, those dead eyes really bothered me...

I went downstairs.

My son kept bugging me to check the mail.

So when I threw out the dead rat, I went to the mail box.

In it was a letter from his school.

Inside was a beautiful handwritten note and a drawing to 'my favorite mom I ever had' wishing me Happy Valentine's Day.

I couldn't help but cry.

OMG! Life brings you rats and life brings you roses and hearts all in the same day.

And the loving kindness helps you forget the rats.

I still ask Ross every night for 'no more rats'.

But I guess it was an exception--to make it clear that I am LOVED very much.

No matter what.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. For those of you who like to solve problems, I've had exterminators come look the place over with a fine tooth comb. I've done everything they have said to do--stopped up the holes the size of a quarter with wire mesh, taken out food sources, etc. I know all their tricks and I use them. That's why I'm good at catching them.  (southern california is FULL of rats. shhhhh! they eat the dog food and the fruit on the trees in the back yards.)