Saturday, February 1, 2014

Disinfo Verses Intel 2.1.2014

Here we are at the dawn of the New Golden Age--and one of the last things to be set free is the news and entertainment media.

What are we to do?

Use our intuition!

Here's some of the top articles from today:

  • California drought and reduction in state water allocation--I'm not sure
  • Trans Canadian Keystone XLPipeline--Might be true but free energy projects are on!
  • Obama Immigration Concession -- Not sure but moving towards human rights--possible?
  • Issa: Give Auschwitz Site Fifteen Million -- High risk of payment going to Illuminati--big chunk of cash and Illuminati is being called on debts by several secret societies.
  • Christie knew of closure -- See how hard it is to pin something on someone--points to some time of 'manipulation' of the system, at least to me.
  • Dense Fog, Not Illness, Cited in Curtailed Cruise -- this contradicts what I saw on the news. High index for Psy-Ops operation.
  • Diocese of Helena, Montana is going into bankruptcy -- Intel! Victory to the Light!

Please note--there has not been much international news on the cover of the local paper. Only local things, not even any national things.

This seems a little odd. 

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc