Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Only Drink Evian: A Portrait Of A Woman Who Is Going To Resist The Ascension Process

I only drink Evian!

This is an inside joke. Say it to either me or my son, and both of us will smile. When we say it to each other, we laugh openly and freely.

Why the inside joke?

Because we both know the teacher who is known for 'always drinking Evian' and proudly proclaiming it to anyone who will hear...

Put on your glasses, and take a look with us:  not once but twice this woman has denied my boy the right to go to the toilet during his Spanish Class.

She is very strict. You have to go either before or after the class. Even if you are afraid you will have an accident, and raise your hand, she will say 'no'.

(This is because two children find her instruction boring enough to create trips to the bathroom to escape.)

My best friend took her two children to Costa Rica, and despite four years of the same Spanish instruction, with the same teacher, neither child was able to speak a word of Spanish when they were there. They couldn't understand it either.

It's that boring.

My son almost soiled himself.

Not once, but TWICE.

Spirit told me to WAIT.

Mama Bear in me came out, and wanted that teacher's head! I also wanted to go over her head instead of speaking directly to her. And I was trigger happy to call social services since I am a mandatory reporter. (the fact of the matter is, I have given him permission to do his choice--leave the room and relieve himself, or soil himself in an accident if he must. I will pack extra clothes. Once that happens, then I report for sure, because I have evidence.)

I couldn't figure out the way to deal with it.

I see this woman every morning, when I drop off my son. Like clockwork, the first to open. Every day. She is a nice woman.

Except for this.

Then I remembered, 'Love Is The Solution For Everything'.

This morning when I dropped him off, I was cheerful and gave her a hug. I used to. I haven't in months since I'm always in a hurry to drop him off.

That was my answer! LOVE! Love and the power to point out the ridiculous nature of it all!

She is old-school. She goes to church every Sunday. She lights candles and prays. She likes having a priest...

She thinks by doing this she has 'done all the work' she needs to do to go to Heaven.

And she is so blinded by her image of the classy European school teacher who is glamorous and fashionable and 'in control' that she has no clue she is openly violating a basic human right.

And that furthermore, two parents have pulled their children from the school because of her actions:

  • I saw her at the mother's day dance take a red rose from a girl whose mother wasn't present, and gave it to a grandmother of another child who was present and did not have a rose.  The first-grader burst into tears, because she had wanted something to bring to her mother who couldn't make it. (A transitional object, yes?) The teacher never gave the rose back or apologized to the girl.
  • This same teacher picks on a child with a speech pathology--due to a malformed tongue and mouth--for 'not understanding' and 'not saying it right'.  This angry mother is pulling not one but TWO kids from the school.
Administration supports the teacher. They deny there is a problem.

Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar

If in your heart, you believe Life can be so much more than a Battlefield, and that Love is The Solution For Everything, you are going to experience much delight with the Ascension Process. Except for a few tingles and aches and minor physical complaints, you are going to open up to the bright LOVE energy that is about to crash like a Tidal Wave over the planet.

You will find hope.

You will carry on with a great big smile on your face.

And when your friends and family and coworkers are like this teacher, who want so much to control and for things to be 'the same' to support their delicate 'balance' of 'who they are' and 'everything they have built' (which is very, very 3D and 'duality'-based)...

...Love them from afar! Wish them well!  Shake your head say gently to yourselves, 'I only drink Evian', and smile for the lesson how some use their free will to actually DENY themselves the pleasure of, for example,  San Pellegrino water and so much other wonderful things because of their mindset!

Enjoy tasting the new waters for yourself! Why not? It's coming here either way--the Higher Vibrations, the Love energy, and the Peace that will surpass all understanding...

As for the others 'who only drink Evian'--do not worry! Let them go! For they too will 'come around'...eventually....when their 'lessons' are learned and they are comfortable enough to 'look beyond' appearances and see with the heart.

Just like you see with your wouldn't on this page if you only drink Evian water! No way Jose! ; )

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc