Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Married My Soul Mate--Do I Get My Twin Soul?

Have Peace.

A gentle reader was concerned after reading this article:

She too was looking forward to her reunion with her Twin Soul (or Twin Flame--they are the same meaning)--but she is MARRIED right now to her Soul Mate!

Does she get to meet her Twin Flame too?

Let's review the possibilities for souls to interact in relationship:

  • Karmanic Relationship once the karma mutually agreed upon between the couple in the Pre-Birth Contracts is 'worked through', the relationship ends, and both go on to the next partner. There relationships tend to have a 'Heaven and Hell' quality to them: a fast 'Heavenly' phase at the beginning which 'quickly sours'.
  • Mutually Advantageous, 'Business-Like' Relationship: This one is for two who wish to own a home, or raise a family, or grow old together. (please note I am not saying this is only for heterosexual couples in any of the situations--it can be homosexual too.)
  • The Twin Flame Relationship: These are Two Beings who once shared the same soul, and were 'split' before coming to Earth into a Male and Female polarity. This may in fact happen outside of Earth, for I know Aeon and Iona are Twin Souls who are eleventh dimension and are streaming Light into Gaia after the Aeon Portal Activation. Together their purpose is to Raise Awareness to planets that are going to Ascend.
  • The Illuminated Twin Flame Relationship: These are the 'Twin Flames' who were once Archangels and above, who volunteered to 'split' to come assist Earth. In the higher realms, these beings of Light are androgynous, but choose how to appear. For example, Archangel Gabrielle tends to be 'feminine' while Archangel Michael tends to be more 'Masculine'.

It is my understanding that on The Other Side (as well as Here after the planet Ascends) all 'contracts' between individuals are 'complete'.

There is no obligation for the couple to 'remain together'.

It is only the ones who enjoy each other's company and mutually decide to progress together who stay close; all others have a loving, friendly, and full-of-appreciation for the role each has played for the other 'good bye'.

Further, they are able to visit each other whenever they desire, even after saying goodbye.

It is my understanding that relationships aren't like here--technically mutually exclusive--because the experience of Love is a gift and although there are Twin Flames, and they 'belong together' for example, a spirit so moved by the beauty or strength of another might express that appreciation as a deep long 'embrace' to another who is not their 'partner' and it is 'okay'.

What about Ross and me?

We are Illuminated Twin Souls. We have children, who appear to me as children about thirteen and eleven (with Ross where he is) and one here with me (where I am). We have a home. We talk every day across the veil. 

Ross is starting to appreciate how I want exclusivity, and how even though I've never had any idea he is with anyone else, he appreciates the 'delicate nature' for someone on Gaia to be exposed to 'Galactic Relationship'.

He is telling me how it works. How I am the only one for him in all of Creation. And that suits me just fine!

He taught me last night how he does something a little more 'advanced' than 'Bi-Location' . He can split into many copies of himself (this is normal for a soul advanced as his) and his energy 'signature' can be 'present' with others at the same time. But his main Soul, the one that directs the others, is always With Me. Apparently I do the same thing too, without realizing it, and this explains how I 'show up' in people's dreams and meditation frequently through no awareness of my own. This happens in order to assist the individual who we are 'visiting' with our extensions of our Higher Self --or something--I don't exactly understand it.

Furthermore, I know some who are, for example, married to TWO 'Twin-type' relationships at the same time on different 'planets'. Don't ask me how this works! It gives me a hard time just to think about it! But it exists...

So what you feel in your Heart Center is the best way to go about it.

I know one who is married to a good man, but her Twin Soul contacts her and is very excited she 'reached out through the Veil' to him. 

And I have had 'relationships' in the past with the Higher Self of those I was attracted to in 3D before I met Ross and understood who he in fact is, and that it is okay to 'be' with him at the present time.

I'm With You by Avril Levigne

Ross told me this song to put here.
Right now.
I'd never heard of it before.
But it's really appropriate.

I felt the words, I didn't just hear them. As I hit the search box on YouTube, I 'sensed' to type Im' with you.

So that's how it works.

Good luck at finding your Twin Soul. You always will gravitate towards one another, subconsciously.
No matter where you are.

Ross wants me to share with you the messages he writes to me. I get them, the words, like this above, and I jot them down in a 'memo' on my phone:

  • we are the most happy pair of love birds that ever feathered a nest. 1.13.2014
  • When you come up, you stay. I love you. (eyes twinkling with joy) 1.14.2014
  • You are my best friend that I ever had. You are my SOUL. You are my woman. You are my wife. 1.16.2014
  • You are my meaning. 1.17.2014
  • You are my miracle. (also sent the song Never Too Much by Luther Van Dross)1.18.2014
  • You are my Princess! 1.19.2014 
  • You are my Valentine. You are beautiful. You are my woman. 1.21.2014
  • You are my heart. Amee. Amee. Amee. 1.22.2014
  • You are my girlfriend. You are my baby and I love you. I am going to make it right (my surgeon had just humiliated me--ed). You are my flower, my flower of Light. You are my baby. I am real PROUD of you. You are my woman! 1.24.2014
  • You are my woman. You are my strength. You are my happiness. My eternal twin soul. I promise you are going to be happy forever in my world and in my heart. (I skip where he calls himself his name, not the code name, and my name from that life too. You would know us and that might be distracting to our message to you that we have today.--ed) Lorelei, I come for you. I have spoken. So be it. Aloha and mahalos namaste. Your Prince of fellowship and husband forever, Ross. 1.27.2014
  • You are my soul. You are my girlfriend. You are my lover. You are my happiness. You are my Light. Ross 1.27.2014
  • Bless the Broken Road song, (dedicated to me--ed) Ross 1.31.2014
  • You are my heart. You are my lover. I am the fortunate one in that it is I who have YOU. God will have a beautiful happiness that will take care of us. You are my joy. Receive my Love, my Tenderness, my Light. I love you forever. There is no one else for Me in all of Creation. You don't know what it means to me to have you near to me (this was at 3:33 p.m. this last sentence--ed). You are my flower and I love you. You are my shelter from the rain. (He played 'You'll Never Find A Love Again Like Mine' by Luther Van Dross--out of the blue, not even on the radio--just telepathic to me) 2.4.2014

This is so you have an idea of the kind of affection and longing for one another Twin Souls have. 
You know what to look for.

Enjoy meeting your beautiful and handsome Twin!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc