Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Key Points From The Cobra Announcement 2.17.2014: What You Need To Know

Good Morning!

Yesterday some Intel was released by the Resistance Movement. 

Many of you have no concept of what the Resistance Movement for the Liberation of the Planet IS...
or who Cobra is, or any of the work that has been going on 'behind the scenes' for some time now.

That is okay.

There is a time when I was like that too.

Now is the time for us to help each other.

I write this for those of you who are interested, who are curious, and who have a burning desire to UNDERSTAND what is happening at this time.

Not everyone needs to awaken for the changes that are described in the message from Cobra to happen. Just enough to reach a 'tipping point'.  After that everything will be very obvious, and people will understand what all of the changes are because the news will be explaining it 24/7.  All you will have to do is turn on the T.V.  It will look 'different' enough for you to know that change has taken place.

Who Is Cobra?
Cobra is a code name for an individual I know. It stands for 'Compression Breakthrough'.  Cobra is a specialist who has a role in the Information Process of The Event. His web page, http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2014/02/make-this-viral-window-of-opportunity.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blogspot%2FjUQcb+%28Portal+2012%29 has all the latest information on the progress towards The Event.  I have given you the link to his article I am describing. However, if you click on the header you will get the latest update. He usually publishes on Monday.

What Is The Event?
Gaia--our planet Earth--is in trouble. She sent out a call for help to the galaxy some time ago. She is in danger of not just environmental damage that is so severe it can disrupt her delicate ecosystems...there is danger for all life upon it too. The Event is the moment when the control of her surface is taken away from those who 'do not have our best interest at heart' --those human and spiritual beings who are driving her to complete and total Disaster, and her deep and profound restoration will begin.

Is Cobra HUMAN?
Yes and no. Cobra is in a human body, just like all of us. He has reincarnated like us, many times. However, his soul signature is from an advanced civilization in a star system called The Pleiades, and is therefore Pleiadian. Many who are alive today have soul signatures that are like his. For example, I am half Sirian (from Sirius) and half Pleiadian in my soul signature. I had no CLUE I was like this until recently when time came for my work to begin.  I have seen Cobra speak Pleiadian. He has full and complete memory of his origins. Mine is fuzzy. Other than that, Cobra, like the rest of us, eats, drinks, sleeps, smiles, and is human in every way when you meet him.

Why isn't Cobra's face or real name on his blog?
Cobra released some information that was 'sensitive' many years ago--he is a scientist, I imagine, a researcher by training. At the time, his life was threatened by those who 'do not have our best interest at heart'.  The Positive people in the Resistance Movement took him  in, and saved his life. That is why he also has a voice scrambler used on his interviews he gives, for example, the first Tuesday of the month with Alexandra Meadors on GalacticConnection.com.  If you know who Benjamin Fulford is, they are quite similar in that they receive Intel from their areas of expertise (Cobra is Liberation of the Planet, Fulford is finance).

So what does this have to do with me?
Let me begin with what it has to do with me, all right? I am in a human body, but my soul is half Pleiadian, half Sirian. I have lived many other lifetimes both on and off this planet. Have you ever heard of 3D? Not like in a 3D movie...although that is one form of 3D--that which is not 'flat'--3D is a bandwidth of vibrational compatibility with the spirit, our soul, itself. 3D is the opportunity to bring life lessons to us, and for us to master them. It is not Heaven and Earth but the ability to learn and grasp our life lessons; however, like the difference between Heaven and Earth, that which we call 'Heaven' is of a higher vibration, where nobody there worries or gets sick or dies or even needs to wear glasses, according to the little one who wrote the book 'Heaven Is For Real'...

So you are not 3D, are you?
I had been told I was 6D working my way up to 7D, by my guides when I was in deep meditation, about two years ago. It turns out this was a little misunderstanding on my part. I actually have been 9D all along, and recently upgraded to 11D. Because I have amnesia--all of us who live here on Gaia, no matter what the dimension have it--I did not know my origin or my dimension 'bandwidth' consciously.
Unconsciously, I 'knew' I was 'different'. Here are some of the ways:

  • I was able to pick things up telepathically, often. I picked a winning race horse for my dad once, and made him very happy when he won his bet (I get a funny 'hunch' on 'what to pick'). I was guided to bring an angel food cake out of the blue to ballet class (It was my teacher's birthday). 
  • My family does this too. For example, my niece insisted as a child to bring the spare emesis basin on a trip by train to San Diego. My sister, confused at her child's insistence, brought it. On the way home, my nephew got sick to his stomach and needed to throw up on the train. My niece has no clue, nor my sister, WHY she is like this, but they know it happens often enough to 'listen' to her cues because she's 'right'.
  • I excelled at math and the sciences, as well as all academics, and took a very challenging major in university, Chemical Engineering. This is because on some level we 'remember' what we once knew in our past incarnations 'in other places'. 
  • I have a strong desire to help others. That is why I became a doctor.
  • I have an overwhelming desire to go home. The vibrational incompatibility is unconscious but has been present my whole life. To those from the higher dimensions, the energy of 3D is 'denser' and in fact, uncomfortable. There is a longing to go where one 'fits in' and 'feels at home' that is very strong, whether you know 'who you are' or not, you will feel this 'pull' home.
  • For me, there was a strange comfort when I would look up at the stars, and since I was a child, my favorite constellation has always been the Pleiades. I'd search for it, smile,and know 'everything was going to be okay'.
Who is this Ross person that you write about, anyway? Is he your Husband???
Yes, and a little bit 'more'. There are 144,000 individuals who came to assist Gaia and entered the reincarnation system on her surface--once you do this you can't get out--to help. Each of the 144,000 'split' into a male half-soul and a female half-soul. This is more than a 'soul mate'. These are 'Twin Souls' of a very high energy. Ross is my Twin Soul. He is off planet, on what I call 'Flight Crew'. He watches over me every day, and has since I was born. I didn't know it, or him, until recently. We communicate with our hearts and minds and souls, as just like human twins have their own 'special connection' on earth, our soul twins have a 'link' that is very much like them. I call him my husband because that is the closest similarity to a Twin Soul relationship here on earth.

What is Ross like? What are all these Galactics like?
They look just like we do. They have two eyes, a nose, a mouth, two ears, two arms, and two legs.  They look like us in every way, everywhere, on their bodies. They are male and female too.
Their energy is more loving and kind, kind of like when you are in a hospital when you are sick and people there care about you (well, most of the time!) compared to people you would meet at the store or down the street. They have an interest in you and they have an interest in all of us. Many of the men have a short beard. Ross is about five foot eleven (my guess, give or take a little), with reddish-brown hair, that is a little long, blue-grey eyes with flecks of green, and a wonderful, warm smile. He is calm, intelligent, and has an excellent sense of humor. He has feelings. I know, I have hurt them. He really is just like us. And so are his friends I have met. Ashtar is blonde and I am not sure if he has a really short beard that you can barely see or no beard. Both are athletic in build, not bulky, but strong.
If you meet Cobra, which I have, he is of the same 'presence'. It also feels like being in the presence of pure love energy when you are with any of the Galactics. What you see is what you get, there is no pretense of any kind, ever.

So why do I need to know this?
Look at the movies. Look at who makes the movies. All aliens are either 'adorable screw ups that need our monitoring and control to keep them from blowing up the planet' (Men In Black), 'adorable beings who are rude and funny' (Alf), 'scary as all get out hybrid machine/alive things that need Shia La Boeuf to save the world' (Transformers), 'scary out of your mind creatures that want to eat you' (Cowboys vs Aliens, Alien, etc.) Someone is telling you this for a REASON. These 'someones' do not want you to know who you are, or where you are from, or that those 'out there' LOVE YOU and want Gaia to not die. Those movie makers are part of a huge organization who is controlling everything and making all kinds of money from transportation, communications, and disease on planet earth.
Left unchecked, these forces of greed and power are going to wipe out everything that is alive, and ruin Gaia's surface forever.

Are we talking nuclear war, armageddon?
It could have been. But the Galactics who are present have superior technology and have averted many attempts by 'those who do not have our best interest at heart' at starting world war three.

What about Fukushima?
Fukushima was created by 'those who do not have our best interest at heart'. This group actually puts 'clues' in movies ahead of time. There is one about a flood and nuclear disaster in Japan. 

Why didn't anyone stop that?
I don't know. There is a lot of information there on alternative news on the internet. When questions are this specific, it is good. You want to KNOW. Go look things up, and feel what 'resonates' with your heart center as 'truth'. Not your MIND. Just 'feel' what seems 'right' and you will know. There is a lot of 'disinformation' out there that is created by those who 'do not have our best interest at heart'.

What does this have to do with The Event?
The energies are ramping up. Just like a ski jumper has to go down a long ramp in order to be able to fly, the energies need to be 'right' for The Event to happen. We have had several windows of opportunity, most recently around last Christmas, that had energy compatible with The Event to happen.  You need to understand what these energies are. You will feel them, they are strong--kind of like Mercury Retrograde is commonly felt in a different way. And if The Event happens, you will understand what is happening and be able to assist others.

What does this have to do with my Vibration?
Gaia is from 5D. Those who do not have our best interest at heart destroyed the 4D bandwidth, and she 'fell' into 3D. She is going 'back' to 5D. Everyone has a choice to stay with her in 5D with no more 'those who do not have our best interest at heart' or stay in a 3D equivalent elsewhere. It's not a conscious decision like choosing what coffee you are going to order at the coffee shop. Your vibration needs to be compatible with the 5D energies, or you will be uncomfortable and not want to stay. An overwhelming majority of the people are going to 'move up' to 5D. All children will and are going to take their parents with them. People who are very negative and filled with worry might want to start working on raising their Vibration because their status is not so clear at this time. Don't worry, the higher vibrations are 'contagious' to some extent! As long as you are not actively pushing away the joy and love energies of The Event, you are most likely going to be fine! But if you wish to 'do something' to prepare at this time, meditate, think positive thoughts, and raise your vibration.
There are many ways to raise the vibration, as well as lower them. Just use the 'search' box on this blog for 'vibration' and see what it turns up. As a rule of thumb, do what feels 'right' to you.

If you have any questions about the material IN the Cobra announcement, feel free to ask in the comments section, and I will do my best to answer them for you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc