Thursday, February 6, 2014

This Afternoon

I just saw the delay for decryption for alpha on 2012portal.

I called in Ross. He says it's okay. I embraced him.

Then I realized we were amongst many on the helm...I casually commented to them, don't I have the BEST HUSBAND???

Then I said, 'Thank you for making this possible.'

And the room grew quiet, and solemn. I asked Ross, 'Did I say something wrong???'

He said, 'No. You are reminding them of their Purpose on this Mission.'

I ran down the hall to Father's office.

I can go, there. I always can, the door is open. I knocked and knocked and knocked--he was a little busy, but he let me come in, and I threw my arms around his neck, jumped on his lap, put my head on His shoulder and started crying--tears of gratitude for those people helping to save me from the nightmare of duality.

I thanked Him for Ross.

I thanked Him for the new energies.

And as the tears settled, I had a new thought--could we please do something nice for them, all those that worked to save us?

Father reached down and came up with a box of candies. They looked like cubes of mochi, translucent, glowing white about the size of dice. He put them on a tray, and gestured for me to go serve it to them.

I asked Mother, if She would have anything to offer these kind people too, and I thanked Her for all She has done to get me to Ross and the Higher Vibrations and Out of Duality.

She gave me a pitcher of some punch, that was blue or aqua and thick like a fruit nectar, and little cups, and gestured me out to the helm. I took a few steps down the hall, and I saw everyone looking at me expectantly.

It was there I realized that they can't go into Father's Office like I can.

They looked at me intently. I offered the tray, and each one took food and drink refreshments. But I saw I had forgotten the napkins! I chided myself on this omission, and then 'poof!' a stack of napkins just showed up! I had made them, but I didn't know HOW I had done it.

There was one left. I said to the last person, 'You have mine. It wouldn't taste good if I ate it and you didn't. Please, take.'

He refused. I insisted. Then he offered to share it and broke it in half. Ross said, 'Take it.' So I did. We  touched them together, this person and I, like we were doing a toast with wine glasses. And I ate too.

Then I felt solemn.

I asked Ross's permission for my plan.

He agreed.

I went to each person there, looked them in the eye, gave them a hug, and said, quietly, 'Thank you for saving me.'

When I got back to Ross, everyone started making a loud noise with yelling and clapping and I was afraid I had done a faux pas. I whispered to him if what I had done was okay?

'Okay? You did EXCELLENT!' and he lifted me up over his head, like in the Lion King with Rafiki holding up Simba, and the cheering crowd got even louder! It was deafening and stretched out for miles and miles.

I was the first to have given thanks for their efforts, thanks from the heart, in their Presence on board ship.

The battle is won.

The Victory To The Light is here. Now. Aboard ship.

And coming to a planet surface--near you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc