Monday, February 3, 2014

Together We Ascend--BUT--Put Your Own Oxygen On First!

Today we are going to talk about Ascension.


It's WORK.

The last three days for me have the gnarly. In surf-talk, gnarly can mean 'really challenging' but hopefully if you hang in there, it's for the best. Gnarly means 'I almost had to get out of the water I was so thrashed by the surf but I hung in there and it was cool.'

Are you ready?

A. The Energies are going to Ramp Up:
Those of you who are sensitive like me are going to feel it. Here's the best way to handle it--it's exactly the same as what to do when you are caught in a Rip Tide and feel yourself being pulled by the current out to sea!

  • Stay Calm. Remain the 'Outside Observer' to the situation, no matter how turbulent you feel inside.
  • Go with the Flow until you figure out what is up. Hey! I'm being sucked out to sea! What do you call it? Oh yes, the Rip Tide. What is it I do for that again?
  • Go with your Gut until your training 'kicks in'. Oh yeah! I'm supposed to swim parallel to the shore until it stops pulling me out.
  • Make Progress and Give your best Effort! Remember when you swim you have to pull with your arms AND kick really hard AND breathe!  
  • Kick Off EVERYTHING that is pulling you down or holding you back. In the water, it would be shoes, clothing, backpack...if you fell in. For me, metaphysically, this past weekend, it was re-live, re-experience, release, and hunker down and heal.
  • Stay in the Moment and TRUST. Trust yourself. Trust what you have been taught. Trust in the PROCESS...

Today the simple, heartfelt prayer, 'I surrender to LOVE' really helped open a huge blockage in me.

B. Expect to see this--Spiritual Separation:
Many, many people are going to want to 'do the work' for their Loved Ones. They are going to miss an opportunity to genuinely HELP them by focusing on the needs of their Loved Ones instead of their own...but my daughter! My husband! My kids! the Lightworker says this again and again. They won't move forward without some reassurance that 'their Loved Ones Are Going To Be Okay' AND 'their Loved Ones Are Going To Be With Them.'
Let's think about this, together:
  • Your Loved One's connection with their soul is to God/Spirit/The Divine, and not you.
  • Your connection with your soul is to God/Spirit/The Divine, and not to them.
  • The bonds of family ARE forever, and no matter where you go, if you are separated, your souls can find each other and visit any time for all of eternity.
  • Earth is a School and everyone has their Lessons. Although you LOVE them, not everyone is in 'the same grade'.
  • Your AURA is 'linked' to theirs--so---the more you get YOURSELF 'together' the more opportunity will be given to THEM through YOU and YOUR HIGHER VIBRATION to help them lift themselves 'up'.
  • All children are going to Ascend and are going to take parents with them to wherever we are going with Ascension. (as far as I know, Ascension is a higher Vibration, and one that might not be 'seen' but can be 'felt' with the heart's kind of new for me too.)
  • Meditation and a clear connection to Source is going to help make this 'ride' smoother for you. And Open Heart is ESSENTIAL to being able to 'get the message' in this process.
  • You can expect a lot of 'static' to be thrown up by the Darkness, and more emotion and misunderstanding as people gravitate towards their intended Vibration. Darkness is uncomfortable with Light, and is apt to 'lash out' and 'react unpredictably'. Do not fight it--let it go--you can't 'win' in this situation. You can only shine your Light and hope it awakens others. Anchor your Truth. And walk away if you feel it is in your best interest.

C.  Everyone has the right to enjoy their own Journey.
  • Embody Peace
  • Practice Mindfulness
  • Meditate
  • Release attachment to cruelty, ego, and Illusion
  • Open up to information from 'nudges', sudden ideas, and dreams that 'resonate' with your heart center.
  • Wish others well on their Journey.
  • Know this is not 'goodbye' but rather 'see you next week'--in a friendly perspective, from a place of Now where there really isn't any 'time'.
  • Thank your guides. Ask them for help. Listen. Act. And thank them again.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Ascension is not an all or nothing thing. It comes in stages, just like childbirth takes like, forever to get to labor, stage one, stage two, etc. It 'happens' but it's a lot of work, spiritually, even with all the guidance and help of those in Spirit and the Higher Realms and the Galactics...I technically 'Ascended' but I am still growing and clearing. Apparently, there is ALWAYS plenty to learn and to grow.

Shine by Collective Soul