Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Message From Our Lady: February 16, 2014

Good Morning!
It is a brand new day. Everything will start from this moment. Everything that I have said to you in the past shall take on an uncanny new appearance, for everything shall be uncovered with the Light.

Everywhere you look, everything around you, everything you see with your own two eyes (she points to hers) shall take on a beautiful blessing!

For you shall see, and you shall know in fact with the heart and its emotion that it gives you while you are seeing, that everything is blessed! everything is blessed! everything is blessed!

(she points to herself) Even me. I am Blessed to be here with you to speak and share this message with you.

You may ask yourself, 'If everything is blessed, what about the 'dark parts' that hurt and are not pleasant? For I do not like them or enjoy them at all, not one bit!'

But you see, with my eyes, I see shadows add much definition and what more clearer way to point to the Light than the behaviors of 'ones who are like this?'

They are going to be exposing themselves, the 'little buggers', and it will be so obvious to everyone 'what are their tricks'!

In the coming days, weeks, months, and yes, possibly years! they are going to be 'flushed out' of the shadows. There IS no place to hide.

And everyone who watches them will think, 'oh dear, it's not THEM again!' like they were the ones who rain on the parade again and again and again.

For it is OUR parade of Happiness, OUR joy to be as friends and lovers and family, together once more in the LIGHT.

No matter how much they try to rain on it they cannot dampen it! You won't even need to take an umbrella to the sky! That is how weak and powerless their efforts shall be.

Enjoy the Parade! Enjoy the Love and Happiness that awaits and surrounds you and supports you and your goals and dreams!

Look to the sky for your loving brothers and sisters, the Angels and the rest, who are cheering you on in your awakening efforts!

That sky (she points up) is very bright and there is not one speck of 'dark' in it! It is only here, and it is about to dry up like a puddle that had been staining your shoes. Both will dry--the shoes and yes the puddle--in the warm and loving light, where there is nurturing, warmth, love and compassion energy that is enough for everyone, both high and low, and within.

Let the darker ones deal with their challenges; let the justice come forth on its own--there are those here on earth sent to dish it to them and that's not YOU, my beloved little ones! (she laughs and she smiles).

We have forever and ever to 'straighten them out' in our 'justice system' (ed -- she is referring to karma)
so let it REST.

Let it be lifted up from your hearts, this burden! For it is OURS to give and to manage, not YOURS. So only watch. Rejoice when the Light wins! 

For that is your challenge: to allow what is to take place without your being 'involved' in it, in your heart. Just watch and know in your hearts that everything is planned to be to all fairness and for the highest good of all.

Sweet hearts, I want you to know you are my Valentines, each and every day. Not just one day of the year like you with your chocolates and jewelry.

I love you from my Heart of Hearts, just like this moment here now on this page, forever and ever and ever...and you will get your justice and see and know and experience the wonder of the beauty of Life...that there IS all Happiness, and it is forever and for everyone!

That is my gift to you, my children of the Light.

That is enough for today.

Mother Mary
(and Blessed Mother to our scribe).


This message may be shared in its entirety.
All rights reserved.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc