Tuesday, February 11, 2014

OMG! What To Do When Your Bank and Credit Cards Won't Work

Is the banking industry stable? Is the economy robust? Is the housing market always able to predict accurately?

In a word, the answer is 'no'.

The reason behind this answer is 'corruption'. There is dirty-back-room dealing on top of shady on top of lies and you name it--anything goes in the world of business when it comes to money.

And the crookedness goes way back and way deep into the system.

The very computers of the fiat banking system, the 'world bank' if you will, are designed to enhance the business success of those same corrupt few who built the empire in the first place.

So what does this mean to you?

When left to its own devices, darkness always falls apart on itself; the global financial economy is going to implode.


I don't know. But just like the housing bubble in Southern California, I recall watching it for weeks and months, thinking to myself, 'how can people BUY these houses at these exorbitant rates? Where do they get the money? This doesn't seem right...'

And then 'poof'! The housing market, and the loans that were behind it, fell apart.

So just in case this is happening anytime soon--which there is no guarantee that this is the correct time frame--let us go through in pictures what you are likely to expect.

This is going to be a problem.
If they have the carbon-copy forms, it might work.
For a while.

No big deal, you think.
So you go to the bank to get some cash.
Guess what?
The ATM's don't work.

So you go to the teller.
This may or may not work.
In asia and in Russia, recently, people were not permitted to take their own money out of the bank. There was a cash 'shortage', which can happen. 

First, take your pulse.
It is going to be OKAY.
There is a new financial system--that is fair and one-hundred percent Corruption-Free--ready to go.
It will take about two weeks to switch over the computer banking systems from the old ones to the new ones.

Can you last two weeks?

Of course you and your family can!

You can barter--'work things out without money'

Precious metals will certainly work--for just about anyone .

Even if you can't figure out how to barter, there is a Voucher system here in this link--good for up to one thousand dollars that will have to be repaid once the banks are back up online. Look through this link for the image of the Voucher you can print up:

This is going to be good for all of us because there will be no more corruption.
Everything will be fair, and prosperity packages are ready to be released to everyone.

We are all going to be off to a new start--with a lot of help from above.

We are loved by God--not a 'religious' God--but the Real One, our Creator

Your time spent in prayer will help focus you, and connect you, to what next steps are right for you.

For example, you may be a lifeline for an elderly one near you, in this time of change. 
You will know it by a 'feeling' you will get quite strong that will 'nudge' you to care for her...

Perhaps you will be one to calm others during the changes, in person, online, or over the phone...

Your connection to your heart is the path that will be easiest on you.
Listen to it.

This change is global because the corrupt were going to drain the life out of our planet and kill Gaia.

And where we come from, planets aren't allowed to just die!

You can look forward to lasting changes for the better in all areas of life:
Four-hour work day
New advanced technologies and healing
Work that is more in line with your life goals
Free time to enjoy friends, family, and activities that interest YOU.


How will you know this is 'it' and the 'changes' are truly happening?
Because the media will cover is 24/7 and explain everything.
www.2012portal.blogspot.com will have all the news of what is happening--from the Resistance Movement (the people who are liberating the planet so Gaia won't die)
And there is always here as well--with this website that is designed specifically for the event--www.prepareforchange.net

You may also wish to volunteer for some support groups, and to meet on a regular basis, to prepare for when the changes arrive. <3

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc


Here is the back-story in case you are interested: