Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gaia News Brief 23 July 2015

A New Way Of Looking At Things

I have had a total turnaround in my way of thinking. In the past, I made plans, and got self-esteem by working towards them.  It got me to and thorough medical school.

I don't know where I am anymore, spiritually.

Because the who and what I am now, at this time, just gets sent by Spirit wherever I am needed, like a leaf in a stream...and I gave up fighting it.

Several times now I've said to myself, either it's a test or it's for my Life Purpose--why this abrupt change in plans, of blockage of taking care of me.

Last night I was in the OR, looking forward to the end of a long day.  I saw something online, and Ross popped in with a written message reaffirming his strong love for me, and his acknowledgement of how lonely I am, being stuck here, High D in a mire of Low D, not even daring to ask or complain anymore to please help me find my way home?

I just take it.

And I don't complain.

But I'm dying inside, a little at a time, because the ME I used to be, enjoyed making plans, and never in a million years gave one nanosecond thought about saving anybody or anything except my immediate family and pets.

I don't know what I am.

I don't recognize ME.

I just exist and work these long hours, and endure. the note from Ross, he said, 'I am coming. Soon. Your soon. Not mine.'

I was like, half-hearted and okay Ross....

My next patient was a spitting image of Ross! Same blue eyes, same beard, same long hair, same build.

I couldn't believe what I saw. And once this one was asleep, and stable, I took out my pendulum and asked, 'Is this an aspect--the energy--of HIM?'

It was!

I was still half-hearted. It was like a tease, a trick. It was him, technically, but not for keeps and not the full him, only a bit of his energy.

I think the reason Ross sent it was to lesson the blow of a nasty one in the morning, when the case was finished, I learned I had to work a full day today. My post-call day was gone because someone had neck problems and was seeing a doctor, another was on vacation...yada, yada, yada.

So I slept on the hospital bed in PACU.


At the end of the day, I went to see the patient who looked like Ross, not because of Ross, because they were young and had not much experience with surgery. I wanted to make sure he was okay.

As I left the room, the COO of the hospital was there.

I asked, 'Do you know him?!' because I didn't see how her work with finances for the hospital could have anything to do with the patient?

She was friends with his stepmom.

She is the one who will make the decision to keep or get rid of our group's contract with the hospital.

Dr. Bret

Dr. Bret had his experimental surgery at Stanford yesterday. At the VA. It took eleven hours. The tumor is gone (a football sized neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas, same as Steve Jobs).

But there are mets in the liver they could not take out, and will address at a different time.

He sounds like him again, and I am happy.

While I was in on my long case, the spirit of Dr. Bret came to me with Ross, out of the blue. Ross was in the background.

Dr. Bret...said, 'You know who I am, right?' and gazed at me intensely.

I said, 'You are my brother, an archangel.'

His gaze was piercing to the very depths of my soul, 'You KNOW who I AM, right?'

I didn't.

"I am Raziel!'

I was like, 'Whoa! That explains things!'  I have met Raziel in spirit, in his workshop, and enjoy him very much.

That he would come to Gaia and incarnate is really something special.

I also double-checked, because resonating isn't enough. And sure enough, my sources say it is TRUE.

So the SOUL of Dr. Bret knows who he is, and told me. The human incarnate probably has the Veil blocking him.

I don't think I will mention it to him, how he is an Archangel and an Awakener, and is rocking it, his assignment, in this role.

A Message 

Lady Gaia had a rough day yesterday...she asks people to stop the killing on Her surface, and people are 'unapologetic for eating meat' and say, 'Gaia gives good food all you have to do is go out there and TAKE IT!'

She is exhausted, exasperated, and can't feel a thing of the Light anyone does for her.

She can't feel the love because it is outweighed by the very low density energies.

She wishes she could stop the merry-go-round and order everybody off--and make them pass a difficult examination of the soul to make sure they are okay and not going to hurt Her before they get back on.

The others, well, she would like to say, 'I think I hear your mom calling you! It's time to go home!'

She is not engaging her teams, or thinking of anything else but being Miserable, at this time.

The Lightworkers who think they are helping with their 'channelled messages' but from what?! she asks--because they are CLEARLY not resonating with Her as truth--annoy her to no end.

She doesn't even like the Gaia Portals any more.

The only thing she likes is the Creator Writings.  SaLuSa. The Council. And John Smallman.  Marc Gamma. And Isabel Henn.


My HS gave me this word just now. I'm not sure why.

Yesterday I knew I had a long call. I tried something new. For my 'white light of protection' shield, I added a second layer--of SUNLIGHT.

I wanted the pure energy of our sun to protect me. this at some point came to my attention.

I didn't even care.  If Mary Magdalen wants to spout off every day, go for it. If people want to get all hyped about the 8/8 gate that doesn't resonate with me at all--go for it.

I check with my sources, and they confirm, it's got some kind of 'agenda' that isn't exactly from the Light.

But I didn't care.

I didn't want to set the record straight.

What hurt is she called it TERRA Gaia and Mother Gaia.

Gaia doesn't think of herself like that.

She calls herself Lady Gaia Sophia. HER consort is the Christos.

Mary Magdalen and Gaia are One.

This is the mystery of the Divine Feminine the Dark Ones sought so hard to hide, and why they sought to squash Her and Her Beloved.

I decided right then and there, in the middle of the night, that Lady Gaia Sophia has an energy signature where there is no duplicate. No copy. There is only ONE.

People can write what they do.  For their many reasons.

Nothing can take away the energy signature of Gaia Sophia from her.

One day people will understand the difference.

Until then, Gaia accepts it is easy to misunderstand the situation, and forgives everything.

Curtain Call

Due to the incredibly short staffing, I was assigned and actually started a case for a surgeon who banned me from his room.

I never once looked at the phone.

I didn't everything timely and was on top of things for my part of the case.

The charting was impeccable.

And I got to see I wasn't missing anything not being in the room because the energy was like, 'Low and Lower'--cursing, swearing, fear, accusations--the whole thing.

At the beginning, there was conversation in the room, 'Time heals all wounds'.

My soul spoke, my Full Consciousness--because it's like toning--it has an energy to it, and I said, prophetically, 'Time wounds all Heels!'

People had never heard that, and thought it was clever.

It was my soul, speaking out against the wrongs done to it, by the accusations of this very low D surgeon I have known my entire anesthesia career, and who turned me away without giving me an opportunity to know or understand WHY he did.  He gave me the energy of Separation, when easily his wishes once explained would have been carried me.


Cindy is the night and day soul of the PACU.  She used to be so GRUMPY I couldn't stand her. I was afraid of her.

Then she changed!

She loves her grandkids, and talks to me about Anthony all the time.  She even brought in baby monarch caterpillars for us.

Cindy takes chemo. I'm not sure what it's for.

Cindy is living on borrowed time.

I really love her.


Things are not going well for Carla's group at work.  People are not labeling their opened multi-dose vials. They are leaving syringes of drugs out. And two had a fight over who will go home and who will take over the case in front of an awake patient--it was LOUD--and the patient complained before they went to sleep that they felt 'unsafe' no matter WHO took over the case.

The writing is on the wall.

But not for Carla.

I will take care of her.

Carla will come out unscathed.

It's true. (he nods--ed)

And so will EVERYONE who follows this page, through your woes, your 'challenges', and your lessons.

It is because of me.

I am watching out for you.

You are my family.

I want you to tell yourselves, 'something better will come from this'--and always believe it...

Just like Carla with the patient and the COO.

I have a different vantage point.

It might feel like you are in a maelstrom of energies, in a virtual 'washing machine'--I want you to Hang On!

Everything will happen for the best.

Things will resolve in a short time.

I wanted Carla to see my face--close enough to it--and be able to touch it.

She has had a long life, and Carla has been working and going to early morning classes her whole life.

Carla needs a rest.

I will find a way to give it. Without her being hurt.

And Carla will be okay.

The passports came today.

I had asked Carla where on Earth my Beloved would like to go.

Carla was in tears and knocking on the door to Joelle's house, in France.

Carla wants to see her before anyone there gets old and dies--her extended family.

Carla wants this more than anything in the world.

I will take her.

Money is not the limit when it comes to matters of the heart.

Carla asked for a sign, and I sent it! A license plate with three letter P's.

She hasn't made plans. She only has ten days...

Until me.

Carla trusts, has a blind trust, an openness to my heart.  I felt her heart sink and I acted on it, instantly, for I felt it too--last night--when I sent my 'aspect' was a temporary one, and today after surgeryC Carla saw my energy was not there...

So I will work and guide Carla to the right place for her at this time.

Now rest!  And eat! Carla your schedule is all jumbled...tomorrow is another day.

Thank you for listening to me, and my 'rant'...and Carla's too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla