Friday, July 3, 2015

Gaia News Brief 3 July 2015

Clean As Much As You Can

The last time I wrote, I was feeling very blocked, and that my wings were clipped. I had no spiritual guidance to help me plan the things I wanted to look forward to do this summer.  So when I woke up yesterday morning (there was no work for me)--Ross told me to 'clean as much as you can'...

And I did!

My house had a very large water leak requiring repair last year in August. Most of my kitchen has been in boxes in the dining room and the kitchen and garage. I cleaned out the first box in the dining room three days ago. And I started the second box two days ago. Yesterday I finished it up.

Yes, I rediscovered many oils and vinegars that had been lost. And yes, some food had gone stale. I threw these things out, and also, got rid of a lot of candy that was in another bag since the holidays.

I saw it for what it is--poison for my son--and threw it out.  I used to see things as the money spent on it. Or his fondness and enjoyment of it. But anything just candy (I kept the chocolate in a jar)--I threw out.

I also found the gift for my niece's graduation I had bought, a beautiful pin and string framed art of the Eiffel Tower.  On advice from my mom, I had given a card with money at the actual graduation. Now for the family gathering I may give this gift to her.

My old bag from my overnights at the hospital was under the kitchen table. I cleared everything out and threw it away.

It was liberating!

I've worked as a nocturnist in ICU, as well as OB at two different hospitals. I LIVED out of that bag. What it meant to me is that for a certain time period I could not leave the hospital. Either a twelve or twenty-four hour work shift, depending on the assignment. All of it was time away from Anthony, too.  He's very flexible, and actually enjoyed being with different homes and families--but for me, there is much resentment that the time I could have spent with my child while he was little (I started all this when he was four. Before then, only two nights in a hospital a month, maximum).

I found a button from a certain place that said Happy Birthday Carla 2014.  I had wondered what I had done last year? I turned fifty and I couldn't remember. Now I had the answer in my hand!

So I FELT spirit giving me a nudge. I looked and there is a special hotel both my boy and I have always wanted to stay at. I found a fifty dollar off coupon online. I booked it. He was super excited when I told him the news after school.  It 'feels right'...

Divine Mother

Two weeks ago Divine Mother woke me up with a design for a Commemorative Bracelet to honor the work of Sirian Heaven's Isabel Henn, who is facing early retirement due to health reasons at the end of the month.

I made an initial one, but it didn't have the look I wished. The stones were right but were Iolite and peridot chips. I waited and used some new beads--designer round beads of Iolite, designer faceted rondelles of peridot, and the exceedingly rare 'dolphin stone' Larimar. One sixteen inch string of eight millimeter round beads from my supplier is this week now six hundred seventy five dollars.  The Larimar is chips in the bracelet, but the genuine thing. Its value is sure to go up.

The bracelet is available by donation. Divine Mother didn't set a price. She wishes for Isabel to know she is well-loved and taken care of.

So I make them, I send them, in commemoration, and all the proceeds go as a gift to Isabel.

Isabel, in her kindness, has shared with me her page, Divine Mother Blessings. In the event something happens to her, she has asked me to continue her work for her, and to re-create her original designs. Divine Mother told Isabel to entrust me with the work. It is an honor for which I am most thankful.

Dr. Oz's Secret Weapon For Weight Loss

It's your kitchen!

You can control what you eat and what goes into the food. People who eat at home tend to be more slim than those who eat outside the home.

Between Ronnie's incredible weight loss, the children not knowing their vegetables with Chef Jamie Oliver, and my reading we need eight to ten servings of fruit and vegetables a day to keep our tummies feeling 'full'--something CLICKED.

I had cantaloupe for breakfast. I had a salad with hemp seeds on it for lunch. And for dinner I asked Anthony to help me prepare the corn on the cob (it came in the organic box--it's not GMO) and the lemonade for our dinner.

We ate on the balcony, with a lovely view of the sky and the trees.  We had hot dogs, non-high -fructose-corn-syrup buns, tomatoes and cucumbers.  Our ketchup is organic but our mustard is French's.  Our relish is from Del Monte and it is no high fructose corn syrup too. Almost all relish has high fructose corn syrup so you really have to look.  Then our corn on the cob.

Anthony ate four servings of vegetables he otherwise wouldn't have, thanks to my planning and watchful eye.  I was insistent we ate at home.  He asked to eat elsewhere.

He can be demanding. His idea of what to do was to play catch after the counselor, and to eat in front of the TV. I know eating in front of the TV is not healthy, because you don't interact and appreciate your food. You eat more, and for people like us with more than a few extra pounds, it's not a healthy practice.

I explained to him that as an only child, he wants me to play, and I understand and enjoy it (we had played catch before the counselor too).  Making dinner takes time, and I get frustrated when we play, then he says, 'I'm hungry!' as if food was instant.  Instead, I invited him to help me cook.

We both know it drives me crazy to have someone in my kitchen, and most times I invite him to 'go do something else'.  He said it was a little hypocrite of me to ask him.

I thought about it, and said, 'Hypocrite or not, wouldn't you agree being able to prepare your own food is a life skill? Would you like to have it?'

I explained how in the kitchen, if I teach you how to do something, I am okay and I don't worry. But the kitchen is small. When I make dinner, we can bump, and I can get a nasty burn or a cut. He can too.

What I did notice is he has poor impulse control, and also doesn't take directions well.   He started eating one cob of corn without cooking it. He just stopped what he was doing, and started enjoying it.  It's EXACTLY what children are supposed to do. But he gave up his job I asked him to do, had to be redirected to it after he ate the ear of corn uncooked, and as I gently explained, 'cooking corn takes a long time, and now we are going to need to eat it as a second course.'  I helped clean and set the table, I cooked the sauerkraut and the hot dogs on the stove, I shucked corn too, and I sliced the lemons to help him make the lemonade.

It is the most life-saving thing I can do for that child is to teach him the basics of the kitchen.

No matter what it takes.

I wish our kitchen was bigger. It looked big when we first saw the house. The storage isn't right. Even the owners had an extra two cabinets in it. I used to use my garage like a pantry, but the food attracted pests. I suppose one day Ross will guide me to throw a lot of things out--my pans and dishes--to make room.

I love cooking. I have many wonderful things for my work. I use them. Not so much the baking any more. It's good to have the springform pan and other things though, just in case.

There's always Creme Brûlée...


Carla has a very long day ahead of her. It will be taxing. It will be fun. It will be a 'clearing' of sorts. There is one surgeon who won't let Carla work with him 'on his big cases' but it has evolved into 'nothing at all'.

It's a holiday and he booked it. There is no one else.

Carla has been crying in her heart, 'why? why?' because she once worked with this surgeon at her old hospital.

This one is very sensitive to noises. And all the texts that came through one day, from a friend in trouble, really drove him nuts. So today the phone goes off, and is silent, and stays in her pocket.

Carla also has to dehydrate herself just for today, because she is normally well hydrated and needs to 'void' every two hours. His cases last six. So when she goes to relieve herself, he gets angry and upset because she leaves the room and has a nurse watch the patient while she literally RUNS down the hall to the bathroom and comes straight back.

Carla feels the hate from this man, who is ruled by fear, and also can't see---both with his visual/human eyes, and also with his 'spiritual' third eye.

She has spoken to him from her heart about the Divine Healing Codes, and Healing in General--how perhaps surgery might be different, less invasive, or not at all. It was from her heart to a friend...

Carla used to write the Divine Healing Codes on the BIS stickers on her patients, to help them out.

The surgeon didn't like that too.

So in silence, with love in her heart, and with Reiki, Carla is going to sit, immobile, for just as long as it takes to get the job done.

Then she will know in her heart she had her chance to ''prove herself'. She has done this with a neurosurgeon who refuses to work with her during the week, when they are both on call, and it is always very pleasant to work with him. She can 'sense' it that he 'enjoys' the interaction with all of her 'eyes', yes?

Both of these gentleman are reacting to Carla and her ways, some of which are on account of me and my work with her, and also the result of Very High Vibration.

Carla will not hide.

Carla will not hide her Light under a basket. It is placed high up on a hill for all to see.

Some people don't like it. It makes them uncomfortable! her joy, her love, her candor...(he taps his chest--ed)...

This man is in for a surprise. Because this is the first time he is going to meet me and MY energy in his work.  I will be there, right next to my Lady, and make sure all is well for the patient, my woman, and my heart.

This way Carla will relax and do her best.

(He taps the book, Pistis Sophia, and I am permitted to read it during the case if all goes well...thank you Ross! --ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple <3