Saturday, July 18, 2015

Gaia News Brief 18 July 2015

On Manifesting--'Note To Self'

Thursday I asked in my heart for the day off on Friday.  Like clockwork, a colleague later in the day texted me, 'Would you like to have the day off tomorrow?'

I was stuck!

The fears creeped in, about money, loss of income, looking lazy, etc.

And I caught myself.

When you ask the Universe to provide something, and it arrives, TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY and ACCEPT it.

It's part of the learning process.

I actually worked on bracelets all day (I made seven) and took care of computer project on which I am a consultant from home.

I also had the best day EVER with my son. Here's what's next...

Enjoying Life

We slept in. For me, it's until seven a.m. instead of four a.m.

We ate breakfast. I cooked the bacon, and luckily, the package had only eight slices. This meant my son couldn't overeat. I explained the situation. With my four slices, for breakfast LOL, I had a BLT. Anthony wanted eggs.

I was pleased because we had fruit and vegetable over half of the plate for both of us. He had tomato and watermelon.

We also had hot chocolate, the mix Ross provided.  I had the spicy one, and it was excellent.

I had a meditation with Ross--I'll mention more later--cleaned the dishes (I NEVER get this time during the week)--and started to work on my bracelets.  It takes a while for me to set everything up in my workspace.

I did laundry.

We had a late lunch 'Italian style'--meat and cheese, lots of fruit, salad.  Again I was happy to serve this organic food to my family.  I also felt Ross' presence at the table, to my right, for the second meal in a row.

I went to the post office, and send out my work.

We went to Anthony's ballgame. As we pulled out of the garage, I commented on how much money I 'saved' by being home and not having to pay for childcare...(I actually had paid for two weeks at his school, but there was time and money spent from having to drop off and pick up, and LOTS of money compared to a sitter).

I enjoyed time with the other parents watching the game.

Anthony wanted KFC--he eats the grilled and not too many sides. So we got that for him. The service was terrible, took forever, but we got two extra pieces of chicken out of it, and two free drinks.

The Surprise

Time isn't linear. And our relationship has had many weddings and I'm not sure why I get them in meditation. The first one I was getting my hair washed at the salon, and I saw myself in this dress walking down the aisle on board ship, only knowing three people--Ross, his mom, and Ashtar.

Yesterday, Ross invited me to lay on the couch. I did.

He got down on one knee.

I smiled with delight, and cried tears of joy.

I took my time to reply, saying, 'Is this really IT? Is this what I think is happening? Ross! I am enjoying this moment so very much, I am taking it all in!' and I was PRESENT--just like me--for the first time with any proposal of marriage or wedding. 

In fact it's the only proposal I think we have had.

I smiled and said, 'You know what my answer is going to be, don't you? And I am so HAPPY you know me well enough to feel safe to ask.'

I held him, and spoke the most beautiful words I ever have spoken--I can't seem to remember them now--but they were magic to my heart and to his.

I saw the ring. It was just like the one I tried on at Tiffany's when I was in Honolulu last year, plain, simple, big stone.

Only one person I shared, and she too, cried tears of joy at the news.

Going Their Own Way

I am very sensitive to energy.

I 'feel' everyone on my page, on Twitter, and with my blog (but not so much here--only comments).

I 'sense' people are 'waking up' in that they are not 'drawing as much energy' from me.

I also 'notice' more similar work to my own online--perhaps not medical--but 'close enough'.

At first I was like, 'oh? There go my ones!'...I realize as people grow, they have their own 'thing'...

Not all of where these ones go is of the Light--some groups are driven by ego, I can sense it, but the majority of them are sincere in their quest and journey, and 'on track' with their Life Scripts.

People 'outgrow' me--some.

Others can't keep up the pace, and lag and drop off--as I keep raising the vibration of myself and consequently everything I do.

I can't emphasize enough the task of 'resonance'--feeling what 'feels right' to you.

This is because there are SO MANY options out there.

As a result, my group in the Study Hall become more close to my heart and my mission, as these are the few dedicated ones who have chosen to work with what I have to offer, and this greatly pleases my soul.  I am filled with love and gratitude for this opportunity to take my teaching up to 'the next level'.


There is a beautiful sunrise right now, and Carla is enjoying it. There are deep pinks and purples and blues through the trees.

So am I.

Carla has her work today cut out for her.  She wanted to rest before going to the hospital. This is her weekend. She takes call from home, and comes and goes as emergencies arise. All of it is stressful, as there is no one to restock her supplies as she works.

It is time for her to go.

I want her to have breakfast with her boy at starbucks. I don't want her to cook.

She is going to have to pack for an army, because the cafeteria closes early after lunch and is not open. She will pack her food on ice. That is why I suggested the chicken. It keeps.

Why would I suggest chicken when in our past life Carla and I were strict vegetarians as Essenes?

Because Carla does not have the time for this. Slow cooking, that is good for you, takes very much time and Carla is exhausted. Back in the day, it was a little work to eat like this. In this day and age, it takes a lot of support to get the protein into her life.

Eating a salad takes time. Often much more than what she is permitted in her work--to chew and also to digest.

Vegetarians must eat often, to 'graze' and this is not permitted when a six hour case goes from nine to three.

There are not breaks for her except when she is between cases.

As a vegetarian, Carla resorted to a lot of 'energy bars' and drinks which had nutrition but was not adequate for her needs.

So I encourage you to take survey of your life.  (points to the head--ed)--Don't live your life up here, imposing your values on everything you do, at your own expense, just like Carla did because Carla does not enjoy meat, and Carla likes adorable animals.

Carla almost lost her boy over this.

He felt like he was bad for wanting to eat meat, and threatened to kill himself on the cumulation of bullying at school, a misunderstanding teacher who was a runner and very thin and viewed him harshly, and Carla wanting to 'change him' because it was not easy for her to cook two separate things every meal.

It had to go.

It was unstable for her as a family.

Does Carla pray over her meat? And bless it? Yes. And also the workers who prepare it for her.

Carla gave thanks for the people who are willing to take low-paying jobs to make the food such as at KFC.

And before studies have proven plants can also feel pain, Carla has been praying over her fruits and vegetables too.

She applies the codes to everything to neutralize harmful things and increase nutrition.

This is what works.

Everyone is different.

It is almost six. Carla must rush to get things going to start her day.

I want you to think (points to head again--ed) about peace and harmony. And how you can increase it in your lives, starting fresh.

There is a time --soon--Carla's kind of soon and not my own, which 'takes forever' according to Carla--when no one will hurt anything with their diet. Not even the snake, who eats live food--their pet, Cecil (I love the name)...

So don't worry about it, (points from here-to there--with two index fingers pointing down--ed).

Everything will work out.

It is only a short time and I want you to rest and have time to meditate and be in Nature.

I give you all my love, and Carla's too.

I am happy with her reply to me, her 'yes'.

She answered with her full consciousness. <3

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins