Monday, July 20, 2015

Gaia News Brief 20 July, 2015

On Joy

Yesterday I was incapacitated.  I had worked eighteen straight hours, and slept poorly in a gurney about seven.  I lay in bed, and after a brief lunch, on the couch, most of the day.

Anthony came home from his weekend away, very disappointed. His father got tickets to a reggae concert, so instead of quality time (they did play some catch), he was watched by both his grandparents and his father's significant other, who had to study.

He spent time on the couch all day, and his father didn't wake up until noon on Sunday. That's six hours unsupervised. Anthony had to find himself food, two 'very small yogurts' and later, 'two tacos' from the refrigerator.

He hadn't bathed since Thursday.

He was 'empty' too.

Gigi was here since I had the back up call.

I made lunch for them both. BLT, as Anthony had wanted this the other day. Leftover sides from KFC. Fruit. Lemonade.

I watched them both revive.

As they finished, I remembered my wet clothes I had hung outside to dry! It was raining, and they weren't dry any more.  I ran to bring them inside the house.

Gigi cleaned in the kitchen, Anthony watched TV, and I took another nap on the couch.

The two decided to go to the gym.  Anthony approached me tenderly, waking me up to let me know where they were planning to go, and he kissed me.

I enjoyed the rain, and thought, 'what a silly life this is, that I work for one day and recover for another?'

When they returned, I awoke to hear a commotion. I thought it was them, but actually it was the neighbors having fun. There was a birthday party, and someone had decided to ride boogie boards down the mud hill.

There was laughter and squeals of delight.

Anthony decided to join them. So did I.  It was so much fun, to enjoy the outdoors and each other.

We ate at Rubio's after we cleaned up, us three. For the first time in my life, we ate dessert first--that's how they serve it and we were HUNGRY!

Then I came home, and we watched 'Impractical Jokes' (something like that) and I made two bracelets. Both were designed by Ross, one for me, and one for Anthony.

I haven't felt Ross so close before, or so helpful. On my slide down the hill, he told me, 'Carla, I am HERE with you!' and I felt him. As Twins, I suppose we share each other's joy, and we feel it.

Today is an early start.  I soon must go. I wanted to capture the love and happiness first.


Healing takes many forms. Sometimes it takes feeling like a child--the wonder and magic--and a little excitement to get things 'right' again.

Carla's aura was very weak.

I strengthened it enough for her to go to work today.

Everyone needs some fun.

Even incarnate angels.

I love Carla very much.

I hope you know this, how I love her with all my being.


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla