Sunday, July 5, 2015

Gaia News Brief 5 July 2015

A Very Quiet Fourth

During the long work, two days ago, part of me grieved that I would not get to do my 'usual' and 'anticipated' Fourth of July celebration. I would be too exhausted to do anything, and need to rest.

Fortunately, I am spiritual enough to know there is a difference between what IS and what I want, and to accept it.

We took our time and felt very rested leaving my mom's house. At three.   By the time we got home, it was late, and not very much energy was left to go to the street festival activity we had looked forward to attend.

Anthony wanted to play catch and watch the Angels game.

I asked Ross. Anthony did too. Ross told Anthony he had figured something like this might happen. Ross had been pointing towards the town festival and telling me to go! go! And he told Anthony I should go so I could swim. I love swimming...

It was the staying up for fireworks and having to drive back that had me a little hesitant.

I checked in private with Ross, and he said, STAY.   Barbecue, make french fries from scratch, and have vanilla ice cream for dessert.  Anthony was happy with this plan.

I was too.

We watched the Angels win 13-0 in Texas.

Then it was time for fireworks. We walked to the stairs in our neighborhood to watch them. A viewing that, according to Anthony, 'Is even BETTER' than our tradition is only steps away from our front door.

We saw our neighbor across the street with her grandson, who is now seven!  He sounds like his grandfather, too, and it's adorable.  She sat in a lawn chair and video recorded it, with Anthony talking the whole time.

She gave us a plate of their celebration food--ribs, mac and cheese...and a piece of cake because it was Samantha's second birthday. Sammy is Jayden's sister.

When I came back, I watered the Smokey Joe to cool the coals, and the plants too.

Someone called my name! I looked, and it was Heather and Brian! They had driven over to 'the old neighborhood' just to watch the fireworks. She had borrowed my parking spot and I never even knew!  They had been on the SeaDoo all day in Long Beach and were very happy and tired.

It was a very very good day.

My Birthday

As I child I got very excited with this holiday, and associated myself, my own self-worth, with what happened on July Fourth.

We would often have a get-together, a party, with all my birthday celebrations added to the mix, just like with baby Samantha across the street.

I used to be VERY into the 'red white and blue', and what it stood for.

Today, well, YESTERDAY, the only thing I did in my heart was to thank St Germain for making this country possible, and for the hope there once was at the beginning before it was infiltrated and taken command by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

St. Germain laughed, waved his hand, at once delighted by the recognition, and cheerfully saying, 'don't worry we are cleaning it all up!'.

It's a story the history of our nation. I know it. I took AP History and aced the test when I was in school.  What happens behind closed doors in back rooms has nothing whatsoever to do with the 'history' I mastered for that test.  THAT is the REAL 'history' of this country, that which is hidden, and has been going on behind closed doors for a long time. It has nothing to do with the security of our nation and has everything to do with making Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart  RICH.

I made a comment to my son that today we celebrate freedom, but we live in a town where it is against the law to shoot fireworks and we have fear of the police who are patrolling the area just in case we have the wish to set some of them off like I did when I was Anthony's age.


Well, Anthony, likes me, loves fireworks. So in the day, we did snakes and smoke bombs--just a few--in the back yard.

I looked at him--age ten--and thought--he doesn't even know how to strike a match and light them like I did when I was nine!

And Anthony looked up and asked, 'would you show me how to light them?'

I did.

This was the first holiday where The Fourth Of July and Who I Am are separate.  I'm GLAD I wasn't born on that day. I am me.

Mom said that too.  She said she and dad walked a LOT trying to get me born on the Fourth, but it didn't work.  She made a beautiful cake for us, chopped up pound cake (sugar free), sour cream icing, and berries on top. She had one candle and she and Anthony sang 'Happy Birthday' to me.

She even had presents. I was delighted!  When I blew out the candle, I wished Ross would hold my hand and celebrate with me.

The last gift she gave was very heavy!  I thought perhaps it was tools for the house, because there isn't anything so heavy I can barely lift it.

It was a crystal ball with a large carnelian dragon on top.

It was gorgeous!  She had been in an antique shop, and seen it. My face flashed before her third eye, and she knew it was for me.

I think Ross had sent it! And I felt it too...

So many things are happening in my growth and development, they are exciting! For example, after the fireworks, I noticed how beautiful the stars are instead, so much more inviting, and what will come soon from the skies is even more wonderful!

My mother--now the veil is lifted enough that is can SEE!--she is a very advanced angelic soul, who took a 'darker role' in testing me. She has come back to her TRUE SELF and worked through her lessons. I see a woman who is a survivor, an immigrant from Italy who conquered renal disease and bladder cancer. She also loves me and Anthony very much, and has done many things to help us get to enjoy our life as it is today.

She got her kidney transplant, Charlie, thirteen years ago. We celebrated Charlie's birthday too.

New Codes

They Healing Codes come when Divine Mother sends them. Sometimes She waits. There is no cause for concern. As the vibrations increase on Surface Gaia, they are sent, because the energy is supportive of the new codes.   I sense some more are 'on the way'.

Ross's Gift

We have requests for the Commemorative Bracelet. I needed to buy some more Iolite beads. They are on backorder. (there is enough to fill all requests now--don't worry) I went online to my supplier to order them. I also ordered the last of the peridot rondelles.

Well, I was in a hurry to get back to watching the Angels game with Anthony, but there was a sale, and I wanted to check for the stones for anything good.

I sorted from 'most expensive to least expensive' hoping to find the best quality stone beads.  In the middle, was something on clearance with 'one only left' both a pendant and a chain.

It's a 'mezuzzah'.

It's the little good luck blessing you put on the doorway of your home, to bless it.

It's very Jewish. Just like us, when we were both incarnate. <3

Ross said, 'Get it! Get it!'

I am so very, very fortunate to be loved so very much by him. It means so much.  (I had already thought I had my own gift, and it was over, when I bought the crystal at the store...)

The Messenger Pigeon

Marc Gamma is working on a new blog. It's in German, the original. He sends me links. This one is translated by Eva has the spiritual translation, for Eva's energy in the translation allows it through, the message from Spirit--it took some time for me to go through it, to 'get it' even though it is translated. I liked it very much, and I am sharing it now with you:

I look forward to hearing more from Marc.


I bet you thought that part about my present was my message to you...well, it isn't. This is. (very big, warm, loving smile--ed)

Just like with the fireworks, Carla is 'not buying it' and looking UP with EXPECTATION.

Carla knows there is an even more wonderful and amazing 'celebration' right around the corner.

Anthony is waiting to go for a walk right now.

Last night Carla explained to him about their weight--Anthony only wants to do activities Anthony enjoys, and never ones Carla enjoys that are good for her body.  But there are two people are two interests to share the activities.

So Anthony listened, and offered to go with Carla on a walk through the neighborhood now.

Carla made Anthony laugh when he asked her why when last night she shared she wants to go on hikes together?

'I want to look at something new while I get my exercise' she said,

Let's reinforce Anthony's initiative, and let the two of them go together for a walk.

I'm not going anywhere, and I will make a beautiful, long and special message to you next time.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla