Sunday, July 19, 2015

Gaia News Brief 19 July 2015


I slept all night in PACU.  This was the time I glanced at on the clock when I awakened.  At the end of my shift, I was told by a caring computer consultant I should take Uber home, and come back the next day to get my car, because, 'sometimes when you are very sleepy you think you can drive but you can't. The movement in the car lulls you to fall asleep.'

I had almost seven hours sleep. That's a real abundance; I usually get anywhere from four to six hours sleep a night.

But I'm still sleepy.

Soon I will go rest.  I will take a shower and go back to bed, at home.


There is a feeling of being 'trapped' when you want to go home, and for external forces you cannot.

I transiently had feelings like this last night.  I caught myself. And I accepted. I figured somewhere, one of my guides, knows what's best for me, and I'm not going to fight it.

I had to find my own gurney, pull it into the isolation room (it's the most dark and quiet in PACU)...find my own blankets and pillows.

It's part of the job.

Reward Of Ross

I like to experiment with Ross in being Galactic. On the way home, I told him how much I love him, how he is my shining star, who lays the path straight for me, in the Illusion.

I told him how he keeps me from stumbling and falling, and showed him a picture of him shining a flashlight on my path where I step in the dark 'under the Veil'.

I thanked him.

I told him how much I need him.  How I don't like the Illusion, and even when I stumble and fall, it really hurts and I don't like it, even IF it is only Illusion.

I imagined myself in a room packed with Ross and copies of him--in Higher D they can do that--with me right in the middle.

I let go and felt myself relax, then I caught myself, and gave one condition--I said, 'I am okay with this as long as all of you don't fart at the same time.'

He giggled over that, my human side showing alongside my Galactic.

He asked me to write it down.

Lessons For All Humans--Awake or Not

I wasn't sure if I had closed the garage door or not the other day on my way to work, so I turned back.  I went in the street part way, it's a cul de sac--and turned out once I saw it was closed.

It wasn't the safest move behind the wheel as I did it, but at six thirty in the morning, who cares?

At the stop light before going on the main road, I was in my world of thoughts, and I heard this loud bang on the metal of my car, on the passenger side!

It is sickening, the sound of metal in a car when something hits it.

I looked.

There was a driver full of anger who had hit my car, cursing me, and saying, 'Lady don't you EVER F-ing pull out like that again!'

I couldn't react.  I was trying to process what happened, and the light changed. I showed no reaction. (I have a very good poker face when I need it.)

It troubled me, his anger. I realized his aura/vibration/development was very 3D.

I also realized, at the same time, in a twisted way, it was an act of caring on his part, admonishing me to 'be safe' for both of us. I think he pursued me. It's a blind turn, and it's easy to have 'surprises' the way our neighborhood is laid out.

I had to decide in my heart where I would put my energy, in 'being wronged' or 'in my joyful space'.

I didn't 'turn it over to God' but I trusted I was 'safe' and 'all is well' and 'this was a test'.

I didn't WANT to play that game, or learn that lesson.

I only stayed on my own joy.

The negative imprint--since I am a PTSD soul in this incarnation--tried to resurface off and on throughout the day, but I didn't let it.

It was gone for good until yesterday.

A similar startle happened to me from something in my past relationship with Ross, and it reminded me of the car incident.

It too, started to be intrusive.

I asked for All Protection from my guides, I let it go, and I used the same technique for the car on the situation at hand.

Being in Higher Dimensions means you have the right to choose what affects you, and to turn away and not feed energy-attention to anything you do not wish to manifest.

I am happy in my bubble of contentment. 

Whenever anything threatens to 'pop' it, it is my choice to send Ross instead of me to the matter at hand, and to never be alone or deal with anything I do not wish to experience.

It's my life.

I want to experience it with JOY 24/7.

The Rainbow

In the morning after I dropped my boy off with his father, I drove to work.  I was delighted to see a bright rainbow across the sky!

When spirit talks to you, you have emotions you 'sense'--and with the view of the rainbow, I felt the message that my hell is over, the one of loneliness, being a single mom, and my very hard work--only peace would come from my interactions with Jared now.

I was overwhelmed with both love and gratitude at this message from Spirit, from Creator, that I am free of this pain, forevermore.

About The Bracelets

They are like mandalas, that which I make. Anthony was the first to request them for his healing 'remedies'.  Anthony can sense 'when they are used up' and 'he needs a new one'.

My cousin Steve is starting to notice this too.  He said his other one was 'full', and 'he outgrew it, just like you said'.

I have noticed this too about the energy of the bracelets for the whole time I've been making them for me. Sometimes the 'new' comes from others, too, souls very linked to my energy--my soul and star family.

Mine and Linda's bracelets break.

This is why they are like mandalas. They have an energy, an intelligence to them.

When the energy is incompatible--either the wearer is too high or too low--POP! There it goes.

Another reader has one I custom made for her with Merlin, and sometimes it won't go on, no matter how hard she tries! Once when she was going to the beach, the bracelet wanted to stay home, and refused to go! Did it know it could have been lost? I don't know.

So if your bracelet breaks--Anthony's did the other day, and he kept the stones.  I re-strung it for him, and the energy wasn't 'THERE' in it like before...

When I make them, they 'sing'--vibrationally--when it is a good match to the individual.  So I made him another, with carnelian, and he really enjoys it very much.

Don't worry if they break.

When mine broke, I didn't want to send it back to Linda. This was before I ever knew how to make them.  My hairstylist Ed sent me to his bead shop where he got his bracelet made.  I learned how to repair it, and also, began my hobby that same day! The stones in the bead shop were incredible!  So I bought beads without knowing why, and it's been a wonderful ride ever since.

How do you obtain one of these bracelets I custom make for you?

Write me at

Let me know your wrist size, in inches or centimeters, all the way around, the circumference.

Tell me your preference of elastic, or a closure of sterling silver lobster clasp, or sterling silver toggle (the bar that goes through the loop and holds it closed, but can slip off if the bar unhooks itself from the loop--with a long bar like I purchase, they are simple to put on and take off, and most of the time without an odd bump to the bracelet,stay on.).

Because of my time, and resources (I used the very best materials of designer quality from my suppliers), please send one hundred dollars through PayPal 'friends and family' to my email above.

Also, please send me your shipping address.

It gives me great joy and delight to make a bracelet for you.

I make them for couples, which are energetically linked together, as well.

Men get a more masculine form of the bracelet, it is never 'too feminine' as Anthony my teacher has taught me that! No pink and no sparkly!

Bracelets For Me

Right now I have on the most lovely jewelry which has been designed and handmade for me by Isabel Henn. She made me a birthday bracelet I adore, and I really enjoy the colors of black, light blue, and rainbow moonstone. There is angelic too. The energy is amazing.

I also have on a gorgeous set, of matching bracelet and necklace. There are little sparkle rondelles and bead cap embellishments, as well as easy to open sterling silver lobster clasp closures.

Her energy, the energy of Divine Mother is mixed with her own, is very calming and soothing.

I highly recommend having a bracelet or jewelry (earring or necklace) from her. See the FB page Divine Mother Blessings or contact her directly to order one for you or as a gift.

Linda Dunn creates the original Ross and Carla Scholarship bracelet. It has our energy in it, Ross and me. It is an excellent heart-opener and grounding necklace, which works with the aura both gently and gradually to 'open up'.  My cousin gave one to his wife for an anniversary gift.

Linda's work is very affordably priced. She also makes custom pieces.  Our Reiki Scholarship bracelets is somewhere between thirty-three and forty dollars including shipping and postage...please contact Linda at

The last one I wear is from my angelic cousin, who only makes them for friends and family. I enjoy her jewelry very much.

Is It Me?

Is it me or is the broadcast news staring to look more and more ridiculous and does not 'resonate' with my heart center at all?

I watch it when I am in the Doctor's Lounge--they seem like talking heads reading a script straight out of the cabal.

The tabloids too have opposite headlines--they split and have a baby and reunite as couples depending on which 'rag' you see, all side by side, at the checkout register.

I long for the time when all that hokey orchestrated 'energy terror assault on the viewer' will stop.

The Warning On The CD

My question to you is this:  if the technology exists to 'balance your brain' using audio/sounds, and it works 'enough' to make a mandatory disclaimer for epileptics to be added to it---could this technology be used in a negative way against people, without any warnings--in other types of  media entertainment?

I Don't Think So

I speak with authority she, Mary Magdalen herself, would never sponsor, contribute, bless, or participate in any activity such as this.

She would not find it amusing in any way.

She thanks you for your patience and understanding as it is her desire to 'set the record straight' and to announce to the world she has NO connection or contribution of Her energy to activities designed to amuse and female 'bonding'  just like this.

If the 'women want to go and have fun' she has no problem with it; using her name for this type of activity is Not Okay for both her and her significant other.



Carla has had a long day, and an even longer night.  Carla surrounds herself with joy, just like this kitten who is so adorable and cute what nonsense it is to think it would box like a human?

The whole picture is adorable, isn't it?

This is what Carla does when she fights, to us, just as ridiculous and endearing to us--to view her--pounding away at the keyboard to fight the injustices she perceives in her world.

As admirable as it is for her to recommend 'her solution' to the injustice, (taps fist to chest--ed), it is with the HEART we see there are no walls, there are no borders, there IS no separation--of 'us from YOU, who are incarnate',  from 'YOU to one another', and from 'Creator to US--all of us, both me and you, incarnate or not exactly in the physical, so to speak, but rather in a Light Body.'

It is all fluff! (waves his hands--ed)


It is not what you and I or anybody truly ARE (points to the eyes--ed) what we SEE through our PERCEPTION.

It is colored by US--our cumulative, sum total of experiences across many lives (hand sweeps out in front like John Travolta in Grease across the horizon--ed)--so what we SEE and what we FEEL is a little 'cloudy' by (taps fist to heart--ed) what goes on here (points index fingers to both temples at same time) and here  (points up to the sky--ed) and here (this is having to do with our lessons and our pre-birth contracts, I sense--ed).

Are all of you going to get along, in this incarnation?  Possibly not.

Are all of you going to be besties? Best friends forever?  How can that be?

So when one or another of you don't (points to his eyes and then out--ed) see eye to eye...what are you going to do?

Are you going to force it to be your way?  To make something close when it isn't?

Or to run in the opposite direction like the boogyman incarnate is chasing you in the form of that person? (pauses and looks you in the eye to make a point--ed).

We are going to be CIVIL!

We are going to be friendly, and nice...even when in our hearts we don't feel like it.

And we are going to back the heck off and not try to force anything.

(waves hand like a fanning himself--ed)  All of us up here have our 'enemies' to use the term 'loosely' to describe 'those who no longer have a vibrational match with our hearts who are nurturing and compatible with our own'.

I avoid them like the plague, when it is possible. And when it isn't?  It is all business, cordial, and polite, and nothing really said apart from what is at stake, the matter at hand, the project of the team of which I am on.

The LOVE for one another is the same, it is unconditional.  It goes from one, to the other, to the next, for we are ONE.

But one part of the team doesn't have to like or be anywhere 'close' in heart to another in order to love them any more or any less.

When there is 'no love lost' a Galactic would never force it, or force resolution of the conflict.

A Galactic would take note, and take the (arm like John Travolta only about forty five degree angle UP--ed) the Higher Road--and seek to resolve the issue with the help of their guides and friends 'up here' who have a better 'look' at the situation/in perspective...and Let It Go!

Just like Carla did with the man who was angry and hit her car.

It is by focusing on the JOY, what brings JOY--both to yourself, and for the other to focus on what brings JOY to them, that true HEALING can come about.

Many people who are 'spiritual' try to 'make all things right' before the vibrations are ready for it.

This creates an unstable energy (interlaces fingers together--ed) mix. (moves hands apart like an explosion--ed) that is explosive.

So call in your guides, ask for their assistance, and focus on YOU and YOUR HEART and YOUR JOY.

You can't win everything. No one is popular in everything up here, not even me (smiles a very handsome smile--I like it--ed)...

Everyone has their differences and this is the beauty and the Harmony of the Light.

(shakes a finger as to remind us, from side to side, index finger held up--ed)

We are One in our hearts (fist to chest--ed) but we are not identical.  Conflicts are bound to turn up (fists closed and rubs together against one another palm to palm--ed)--this is how we smooth and polish one another for the highest shine (taps his chest--ed) in our Hearts.

Does this make sense? Is it clear to all of you?  You don't have to be anything other than what you ARE right at this moment. You are beautiful and perfect and divine.

On earth it is said, 'Good fences make good neighbors'.

It is okay to have your fences with your energy, your boundaries, it guards against the energy 'leaks' long as your are professional, both friendly and polite, to everyone you encounter (points up--ed) between Creator and you (points index finger down in a circle motion parallel to the floor-ed), between one another, (points up and down with index finger--ed) and between those who have vibrational differences from you, both more advanced and less awakened than yourselves.

(nods, and claps twice--ed)

Now it is time for Carla to get her rest.  Thank you Carla for making this clear to everyone. If you have questions, please write in the comments, and Carla will answer for me to you...after she has had her rest.

And we won't fart Carla (giggles and jokes about my vision of being surrounded by a roomful of Rosses--ed)...I love you with my whole heart, no holding back (he lets one single fart rip--and thinks it's hysterical --but the whole room of them don't join in--ed)...I know what I'm doing. Even with this. (rubs my back, and looks gently down into my eyes, leaning his head forward. Ross is very much taller than me.--ed).

Go take a shower and wash all of that old energy off, Carla! You did very fine work yesterday. I am very proud of you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins