Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Gaia News Brief 8 July 2015


Thank you for your birthday wishes. It was spent with family, and having fun. For one day, I forgot about all of my responsibilities, and felt like a child, spending a happy day at the Happiest Place on Earth.

I am very grateful to the woman who came in to work for me, so I could have a day off.

I Never Stop Moving

Today was a 'hit the snooze and wait till the last minute' to get up and ready and to work. It wasn't pleasant, and I sort of felt tired the whole day.

I worked at the surgery center. Finished a little early, then went to the Main OR because our 'Go Live' Date for our electronic anesthesia record is soon.  I checked to make sure my coworkers are confident and ready for the event!

One person, and the computer expert, couldn't find Bupivicaine with Fentanyl drip in the system.

I did.

They were like, HOW did you find that?!  (big smile)...I looked under 'Other Meds'

I drove home and got food for the snake and the turtle. I fed the snake and the turtle. Then I took care of the bird, the fish, and the rat.

I'm not even hungry at this point.

I made a point to lie down and think and take in a little bit of Nature....

My 'Bitch' with Creator

I had a talk with Daddy today. About how life always keeps moving. We get to 'create' our life experience, but it isn't until looking back we can enjoy it, or rather 'see' what we have done.

I told him all the memories can't be held onto, except perhaps for photos...why does everything have to move so fast?

How come I can't really slow down and enjoy it?

Would Creator PLEASE help me to appreciate the Now so very much, that I don't notice the passing of time, and have all the longings to go back and enjoy special times...everything is so fleeting! So precious! Very small children, friends and family, being a student...

I had something happen recently--I forget if it was in the OR or home or someplace else. Someone--possibly me--was trying to get something to work.

It didn't.

I went to plan B and plan C in short effortless sequence, and the last thing I did WORKED, much to the surprise and delight of those present.

THIS to me represents the benefits of having lived in duality (3D).

I trust Creator will hear my cry, and will come up with an explanation soon, in the Creator Writings...He always does.

On my birthday there was 'Masterpiece', and today, ''

I Think I've Seen This Somewhere Before?  (July 4, 2015)

Check out Ross' meditation:  (March 14, 2015)

I'm not going to say anything else, except between us, Mary Magdalen needs a good editor. When she talks to Fran she could sound a WHOLE lot better if she would refer to her copy of Strunk and White.

Omit needless words!

And I'll tell that to her face. 'Mary Magdalen?! WHAT were you THINKING?!' LOL

A Cause 'Tears For Fears' and Dollars too!

While I'm at it, I want to put this organization PCRM under the spotlight. In good ways and, well, scrutiny too.

PCRM is the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine.

They end they abuse of animals in the name of science and education.

This is good.

I had dog lab. It was a physiology lab, where a dog from the pound was anesthetized, complete with a ventilator and anesthesia, and there was an i.v. We were to give drugs, and at the end, give the potassium to stop the heart. We saw blood pressure go up and down, heart rate go up and down. I held the dog's paw as the potassium was given, and I prayed. I also went home and had a terrible PTSD flashback. I called my mom, was in a fetal position, and said, 'Doggie on the table! Doggie on the table!'

I was twenty nine.

I also did a 'pig lab' for ATLS, the trauma certification. This was a three hundred pound pig. Under full anesthesia, with a breathing tube. I practiced--as part of the course, inserting a tracheostomy tube (technically a cricothyrotomy)--by getting fast surgical exposure to the 'windpipe'.

It collapsed, even though I was following directions! The pig lost its oxygen, and within a matter of a few minutes, the pig died! We were able to practice, still. The trachea 'snaps back'--it's elastic--and with too big of a 'bite' this happens. We also need to clamp the end of the trachea before we cut, to hold it in place enough for the trach to be inserted.

I will NEVER EVER forget this lesson, and I will not cut somebody's neck if they are dying unless there is no one more qualified than me in the room to gain surgical access to the airway.

I wouldn't have learned this on a simulator. Plastic just doesn't have the same properties.   A cadaver wouldn't either, because they are preserved with formalin.

This group is a good group, PCRM.

I just take notice when people leave out the 'anesthetized' part--and make it seem like we were just slashers. The dog would bite and the pig would freaking kill us if it went down like the PCRM people said, and this makes sense if you would think about it.

So the dogs aren't allowed any more, even though it was from a kill shelter. For one year, they did beagles from the lab supply company, and they were very expensive.  I don't know about after, and I don't know about the pigs.

One of the main reasons I never studied 'pre-med' in college was that I didn't want to kill anything for my research to get into medical school. My friend cut the heads off of turtles to study the pituitary, and I still cringe to think about him bragging about it. And others I knew used the guillotine on rats heads to study their brain. I've seen people--professors--brag about how their research with electrodes implanted into the brains of rats was so smart--showing pictures to the medical students.

I think medicine has come a long really has...

The spiritual warrior in me, stopped donating to PETA. Why? Because of the very low vibration, shock-value propaganda for their fundraising. And with PCRM, I get enough of a 'whiff' of this to send Reiki and not my money...not until the vibration is high enough. I also told PETA when I quit, that when they get rid of the gory photos, I will contribute again.

Dr. Bret

I was standing in line at the pasta bar for the doctors, and I saw Dr. Bret, and he caught my eye all the way through the window in the doctors dining room.

I went in and smiled and gave him a big long hug, letting him know it was for the many readers who love and support him, and follow his blog.  (

I mentioned to him all the many cures the readers have suggested for his pancreas tumor. It is a neuroendocrine tumor the size of a football, and makes it hard for him to eat.

He says thank you to everyone, who offered, and he knows it comes from a place of love in your heart.

He asks for your loving support, Reiki and prayers...his surgery date is July 22, 2015, in Stanford, and his surgeon is Dr. Brendan Visser.

Thank you in advance for all the Healing you will send to this much loved and highly respected surgeon in our community.

P.S. At the table with us, was Dr. Joel Berman, who recently sailed through emergent cardiac bypass surgery, thanks to your loving energy healing and Reiki too.


I gave a necklace of this to Carla from me for her birthday:  It is golden, and has a twenty-four inch box chain, so I will have it close to her heart.

It arrived in the mail today.

The energy in it is supporting my bride, just like I carried my beloved 'over the threshold' to our new life as a married couple many, many years ago.

I love her.

Carla felt the love and joy and 'best wishes' of her friends and family she has known her whole life yesterday, for her birthday.

She also did some work, while she was at the park.  There are some rituals designed into some of the rides and attractions. Carla wasn't sure they were working but weak or what, so she asked for us to 'make the adjustments' so that absolutely none of their 'magic' --the kind of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--has the ability to work.   Just in case they had plans to come back or anything.

Carla watches out for you.

Carla loves all of humanity very much.

Yesterday my bride made a very special wish, only for her birthday:  she asked for everyone who was present at the Disney Resort yesterday, to have a harmonious, joyous day filled with blessings just from Heaven.

How could you say 'no' to a birthday wish like that?

It wasn't for gold, or jewels, or diamonds.  It was for the joy in the hearts of her beloved brothers and sisters to shine just a little brighter with happiness, 'just for today'...

That moves me.

That is why my bride pleases me more than anyone I have ever met, and why I look forward to when she steps over the threshold of her reality, into mine, and into my open, waiting, arms.

I still haven't given Carla her special message to write from me to her for her birthday yet. Carla was having fun with Anthony and Lauren! All of us enjoyed watching her experience the freedom and the ease of being without work of any kind, if only for one day.

Her phone died halfway into the park day...and you know what? Everything was fine when she got back home. (she also said a personal thank you to the over one hundred well wishers who sent messages to her, before she went to sleep. That is why she was so tired in the morning. She wanted to give it her personal touch, and energy signature.)

So--(he shrugs, and smiles--palms up--ed)--Carla is on her way back to her routine, with renewed zest and vigor. (waves his pendant gift of mezuzah)--Carla is at the door to a new life!  I want her to have good luck. That is why I gave it.

Carla is a door to YOUR new life too. All you have to do is follow in her path, her footsteps, and the way will be made clear for you, with lots of little signs and lights so you won't misstep.

(He hugs me tight, from behind, and smiles, and both of us are facing you--ed)

P.S.  Carla is a hard grader!  (referring to my comments about the 'editing' and 'Strunk and White')

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins