Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Gaia News Brief 21 July 2015


This photo isn't clear, but I chose it because it contains the energy of the bracelets very well.  On the left is my arm, with goshenite, angelite golden citrine, and on the right is Krystal, with the gift I made for her, in gratitude for her being so cheerful at the front desk and in giving us our scheduling assignments.

So on a positive note, let's begin.

Being With Ross--On Our Coffee Break

I shared from my heart, as I drank my cappuccino with a break--I said, 'Ross? If I said I Love You every moment of every day, for all eternity, it wouldn't be enough to express how I feel about you...'

He looked touched, moved, happy.

So I reached for a black sharpie pen, in spirit, and I wrote I LOVE YOU ROSS on my forehead on my Light Body.

Ross laughed and was really touched, as my gesture showed I am figuring out a way to let him know how I feel.

Ross said, 'I already know' and gently erased it, so I wouldn't draw attention with my 'sharpie art'...

He was relaxed, and also drinking a 'coffee'.

I stared at it.

It was clear like hot apple cider in his glass mug, but the colors were not of this earth--clear apple green with a starburst shimmering on top, not a chewy candy like here, but like a miniature sunrise floating on the top with all the light beams streaming out of it.  The liquid shimmered and sparkled too.

He offered me a sip.

I asked, 'Is it HOT?!' because of the starburst thing.  He assured me it wasn't. So I had a taste...

It was very smooth, and like a consistency of fruit juice but lighter than apple juice. Its taste was between ginger ale and honeydew melon. And it REFRESHED--it wasn't chilled and it wasn't like coffee, just a little warm--but it was 'food for the Light Body' and was pure Light.  As a result, it energized me.

I enjoy these special moments, just us together.  They mean so much.


When I am in the OR, I use my Gaia Ring for what it's made to do every single day.  Yesterday, with the annoying surgeon, I needed to go tie his gown for him. So after tying the top strings, I paused for a millisecond, and touched my Gaia Ring with my glove over my hands still, onto his back by his shoulder blades, and sent the intent to 'clean house' metaphysically.  I signaled to my teams, just like a lumberjack spray paints on tree trunks--THIS is where work needs to be done!

Then I tied the bottom strings.

It was the first I have used my ring on someone who is awake.

He never said a word, but he knew.

The Makeover At The Running Shop

My son needed new shoes.  He has very wide feet. There was only Stride Rite we could go to (God Bless Ray forever, the owner, who helped us so much) until he outgrew it.

Since then, it's been the Running Shoe Place.

Liz works there, possibly owns it.

At the beginning she was mean and nasty. Anthony is chubby, and runners are thin.  She kept trying to get him cheaper shoes. She didn't put much kindness into her work. I usually preferred when another worker was with him instead.

Yesterday it was like she was a new person!

She noticed his shoes were all worn out--both the supports and the soles.

She brought out his same pair--new--and two others he requested.

With a smile she helped him, and had the old brand on the left foot, the new one on the right 'to compare'.

As he ran around the store I said, 'He is playing basketball now, and the last game he scored sixteen points!'

Today for some reason her heart was OPEN to us.

Some new gel Ascics, the Quantum, was out. They arrived two days ago. Anthony tried them on and said, 'Oh my God!' when he walked in them. He would have chosen it on the spot, but their smallest size, size nine, was HUGE on Anthony.

But Liz offered him a tee shirt.  There was a promotion for everyone who tried on the shoes. She gave one to me, too. (Anthony wears a men's large, and I wear a men's small. Isn't that funny?) And he got fluorescent yellow shoelaces too.

At the register, she said, 'You are loyal customers' and gave us a team discount for local schools of ten percent.

I appreciate it--his shoes cost me one and one half bracelet--and since he only wears one pair or flip flops--he wears them out every two to three months.

Spirit nudged me.  My arm had on nine bracelets.  I sensed the need to reinforce her movement, her growth, as a soul...and I gave her the one spirit said to give, the one I had made for Debby but was too big...the one that looks like this:

She was surprised and delighted! She exclaimed, 'These are all of my favorite colors!

I had to hold back and keep myself from saying, 'I know'--because I did--through claircognizance.

Liz gave us ten percent, and two free tee shirts, and shoelaces, and kindness to Anthony.

I gave her something more, to acknowledge her soul on a job well done.

Ross Part Two

There are things I know, that I am instructed to keep only to myself. I keep my own counsel on certain things because of Ross I am privy to know.

Yesterday, I shared one thing, with someone very close to my heart, to a soul Ross once said to 'take care of me in his absence' who is here incarnate on earth.

I spoke with this person, of what I know, and how I will need the loving support if certain things go a certain way, because I am human, and I very much would like them to be for MY good, and not always for 'The Highest Good'.

Ross has a lot of responsibility...you know?

So Ross played this song for me immediately when I got in the car.

It made me cry.  It was so appropriate from Ross to me.

I also, instead of school, recalled our bird has like, no food, and turned to the bird store before my son.  Also, Ross said, 'I have a SURPRISE! and he held a pet in his arms. It was a dog, I think, but not very clear.  He said it is for our family--him, me, Anthony...

You can imagine my astonishment that they had RABBITS, giant flemish rabbits--at the bird store. They were very calm and let me pet them. These grow to twenty or thirty pounds!

Anthony LOVES rabbits!

At last the perfect pet--not a dog that needs walking and lots of social interaction--but a giant house rabbit!

I could barely contain my excitement to go and bring him to the store. We stopped at Starbucks.

Once I showed them to him, the 'magic' I felt before was gone. When he found one he liked, and named it Roger, we picked him up.  And it wasn't happy being picked up.

These rabbits were almost two hundred dollars, too, I'm not sure why.

Anthony tried holding it. The same thing too. These were twelve-week olds.

Then a lady came, who loved rabbits, and has had several for pets. She told us what to expect. And how she gets hers from the 4H lady in the area, for a lot less.  She spoke of litter box training, and cords...

And they only live three years.

Anthony has wanted something to cuddle and love for years, and I haven't been able to provide it for him. He got upset, 'devastated' in his own words, that we went to the store to buy him a pet, and now we were going to come back and 'think about it' when the woman who raised this litter is at the store today...

DEEP in my heart, as we left, both covered with scratches, and having told the lady, I thought a bite from a thirty pound rabbit might cause harm...

DEEP in my heart I knew Anthony would get over it.

Ross told me, 'I am taking care of you!' and I trusted.

Later that night, Anthony said, 'Mom? I am GLAD we didn't get a rabbit'...  after we got him the new shoes.

It turns out rabbits are more like cats--they come to you and are independent. They might enjoy cuddling too, but it's not a given, like with a dog...I'm glad we worked through that one...together.

Don't Make Bracelets

I was ready to settle in, and then, Ross said, 'Don't make them!' while we watched the ball game, me and Anthony.

Anthony asked to play a board game. He likes scrabble.

He wanted to be close.

It was fun.


(he is clearing his throat--I'm taking too long apparently--LOL!--ed)

(now he just smiles and pauses--I think I got that one right--ed)

What you are seeing is how Carla has an affect on others. All day long yesterday, after her two ridiculously short and low paying cases, Carla went to check on the computer project in the main OR with her colleagues. Now she is learning to erase cases that were cancelled and other, higher administrative things.  She is just as comfortable in the Command Center with the computer team as with her peers.

I am sorry to say things at Carla's work are not good.

They are inspected and turning up deficiencies as a department by the state. Not Carla. Carla follows the rules, every single time, for that is Carla's way.

It's those who cut corners. Who do not label their syringes, and leave drugs out.

A email was sent by the contract holder, Carla's boss--about the 'grounds for termination' clause in the contract...if people don't comply, they will be fired, point-blank.

So it's a witch hunt.

Carla doesn't tell you these things, Carla doesn't share, because in her heart, 'what's done is done' and 'Carla will make the best of it'.

Carla has spoken with administration, and they know she will do anything to get her peers to comply, and furthermore, they know she is always compliant.

It helps to know that no matter how things will arrive, Carla did her best, and everyone knows it.

(if the contract is cut, so is everyone's work).  He boss made the distinction that 'the contract will stay and YOU will go'.

What do I think of this?

Not much. 

Not even more than Carla.

I am going to take care of her. Carla has her bracelets with which to support herself until she finds new work if she needs to find it. It takes about three months to process an application for a new place.  Carla has friends in the area.  Anesthesia jobs are tight but Carla's work is known. And Carla knows that spirit is on her side to guide her no matter what.

Carla has let go of the outcome of the situation as it is out of her hands, energetically.

Carla let go.

So don't worry about the things that come to your life.  Carla will be okay. So will you.  Things have a way of 'working out' for the better...

Isn't the movie from photograph terrific, of Ed Sheeran growing up?  Isn't it precious?

So are each and every one of you!

First things first (taps his fist  to his heart)--your heart is in the right place.

And everything else will follow.


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins