Saturday, July 4, 2015

Gaia News Brief 4 July 2015

No Place Like The Home Of Your Youth

I'm writing this from my mother's home. Turtle man is on the TV. And mom, bless her heart, is in the mood to celebrate!

Thirteen years ago, she got 'Charlie', her kidney transplant.  Also, it's when my family always celebrates my birthday too, on the Fourth.

The peace I am feeling is indescribable.  

Yesterday was a very very long day for me at work. Anthony and I stayed with my mom for the time of my shift. I will speak more about my work later.

This morning, after having been up all night,  I came home and tried to rest. Anthony woke me up with the toilet backing up. I got out of bed and unclogged it with the plunger. It's a skill all of us who grew up in these old homes learned growing up LOL.

I made breakfast for Anthony and he, on my request, heated up a breakfast sandwich for me.  I had an International Coffee--I brought a tin for old-times sake for my mom.

Anthony wanted me to drive to Jack In The Box for him. He wanted a grilled breakfast sandwich. Even with my fatigue, my commitment to his health and my own is still strong. So we looked things up online, for the nutrition. The sandwich he wanted had over six hundred calories and almost two grams of sodium, even thought there was more protein in it.  Taco Bell, Mc Donald's wasn't much better. Starbucks was the only option. But we checked the frozen ones I had brought--two hundred fifty calories, seventeen grams protein, and much less sodium. I also showed him the greek yogurt in the fridge--two hundred calories, seventeen gram protein, and only sixty milligrams of sodium.

So Anthony decided on his own to eat at home, and I made it.

Then I went back to sleep. I felt like I wasn't but apparently I did. Anthony says I was snoring. But while I drifted in and out of sleep, I heard mom calling all my relatives on the east coast, members of Dad's family and her cousin too. Hearing mom speak, especially in Italian, made me feel happy and content.

Mom made me a little birthday cake with 'what she had on hand'. Although we had plans for today, they can wait. We are enjoying our family time and so should you!

In Spirit

I had three very surprising things happen to me in Spirit recently. I am connected to Source 24/7, and accustomed to many things that other people perhaps wouldn't. But these were new, so I am sharing them like I always do with you...

  • Yesterday my surgeon I had expected to have challenge with cancelled his case. Creator Writings wrote this:  It helped me understand the vibrational 'disconnect' with those two surgeons and what my part is in it.   However, the cases I had were very serious, and dangerous work instead.  A lot was asked of me; I had to call in the team of nurses in recovery room to help me stabilize my first case.  I placed lines and did massive resuscitation. There wasn't much time to rest or think. I had to work. For eight hours straight it was like this, and I didn't eat. Well, where is the spiritual part? My second patient, her spirit came out (sometimes this happens under anesthesia when the patient is totally stable, we connect on a soul level, and as a psychic and healer I speak with them.)--and she RECOGNIZED me! She was just as impressed to meet me as one would someone famous. I was like, 'Ross? WHAT is this? WHY is she like this to me?'  Ross said, with a funny smile, 'Didn't you know?'  I didn't. It was and still is TOTALLY BLANK.  This spirit wanted to hug me, on her knees, and arms around my middle, she was super happy and familiar with me...There was a 'take back' in the wee hours of the morning. And I finally understood WHY I felt so much download of energy when this patient was in my care:  this is an AWAKENER, who is acting as a 'lens' of healing and Light, who is connecting to me and my connection to Source, to deliver this higher vibration to everyone who cares about her.   I don't know the prognosis, and I don't have any 'sight' of the future in this situation. But being 'recognized' and 'loved' in Spirit for who I am, whoever that may be, is a first.
  • my sister's pomeranian. Fievel let me know he 'wanted to be attuned to Reiki to help his mom'.  So I attuned him. He enjoyed the energy, and is resting now, I'm sure, to assimilate the energies.  If you are Reiki Master, know that it is sometimes possible for your animals and plants to request you attune them.  They have consciousness too, and enjoy being able to help people heal. 
  • Charlie. Do you know anyone who has received a transplant?  There are stories of people who never liked beer LOVING it after the surgery.  There is some form of energy that is in the organ.  I've never been able to sense it until today.  'Charlie'--the person it came from--came to me today. He said, 'It was a good decision I made, huh?'--and he flashed a picture of himself checking the box on the organ donor thing on his license, and then a picture of mom raising Anthony as a baby while I worked...I felt his love, his generosity and his joy at helping our family with these most wonderful years of our lives.

Reputation Build

The work I did yesterday, drew the notice of everyone I worked with. The surgeons thanked me. The recovery room nurses who relieved the others from the morning spoke about what excellent work I had done to manage some very difficult patient. Even the ICU teams were looking at me with a different 'light'...

I realized that I was tested, and I passed the test. Sometimes challenges come to us in order to make it known we are confident plus competent in our life's work.

I also had a very surprise realization on the way to my sister's house to pick up my boy, who was visiting his cousins...she lives in a very exclusive neighborhood in a million-dollar house (mine is worth much less, less than half)...but right next to them are many apartments! I realized, for example, if you live in 'Beverly Hills', for example, whether you are in a million dollar house, or a tiny apartment, you still absorb the energy of this place!  You shop at the same stores, and you drive the same roads...this is something that is spiritual, and money can't buy...sort of a divine right and calling to be 'from this place'--in many ways it's possible... : ))) Isn't this neat?

P.S. I grew up with one of these musicians <3 Enjoy.

Divine Mother's Gratitude

She wishes to thank you for your overwhelming response to her bracelets. To get one, if you are interested, contact Isabel Henn. She will inform me of your address, and I will send it to you.

All material and work are donated by myself, as a gift of both love and gratitude to Isabel for her spiritual presence for us all.

This is to be made clear that all donations go to Isabel to help her as she starts her early retirement for health reasons at the end of this month.


Everything is happening at breakneck speed on our end...

About what happened to Carla with the soul of her patient, the recognition? This is not the only place the energy has 'shifted' to one of warmth and jubilant acceptance of Carla for her gifts. (taps the scree--ed).  It is online, as well. 

There is a subtle but noticeable change in all of the reactions to Carla's work, online. People are 'warming up' to her beautiful energy, and basking in it, relaxing as if in the sun.

This is because like I said yesterday, it is MY energy which is with her!

MINE is the recognizable one.

Everyone who meets me, knows me.

And up here, where I am, everyone who meets Carla, knows who she is too. Even though she doesn't realize or remember this as she writes these words to you.

As the veil lifts, all of this is becoming more clear--to all of us, and also to you. This is how you will recognize the change--in your HEART--not on the news, not at the parties, not on TV.

(taps his fist to his chest--ed)--It will be here first.

I want to take a moment to talk about the healer and the surgeon who is very good with the liver (hepatic)  who dislikes Carla's work. He is fear-driven. Not by love. 

Although he has made the charge that Carla 'is not safe' with 'big cases' and 'cardiac patients'--Carla took care yesterday of a woman who was near code blue, and got her back, after unanticipated massive blood loss. Another, who is very sick, with incurable condition, who came back and is an 'awakener' took over one hour for both the surgeon and her to obtain iv access and invasive monitoring...

She skills are important to all, what Carla has demonstrated. Someone else had a very sick heart, a different patient, and everything went okay with this..

All in all there were fourteen hours of surgery, with Carla at the helm, followed by another two to three in the middle of the night.

This is going to be important as the veils lift further. For Carla and her reputation as a healer in her work is well-deserved, and everyone at her work (with the exception of the two surgeons) will attest to it.

Forever and ever, I am alive...Carla forgot one other thing. I took Carla up to a very high Dimension early this morning while she was asleep. Carla was with Divine Father. And Carla got to practice in her Light Body, how she glows.  Carla saw her hand, glowing and asked, Divine Father, whom she calls 'Daddy'--'am I a ghost?'

We reassured her she wasn't, and encouraged her to practice with her glowing, to enjoy it.

Then the next question Carla asked of us is astute, 'When I look in the mirror (when I am glowing) will I hurt my eyes?'

We assured her she won't.

We also explained how her human body 'filters' the Light, and how everyone can feel it, but no one will be blinded or ever hurt by it.

This is the kind of work we do with my wife and mother of my children...these are her assignment, and Carla forgets from time to time how to mention it to you.

I want you to appreciate, and accept, that although Carla is the first, some of you will follow in her footsteps. When it is time you will understand and know what to do.

(taps his fist on his chest--ed)  The answers that you see are inside, and already in you.

I wish you happy Independence Day. 

It has nothing to do with politics, and (taps his fist on his chest-ed) everything to do in here.

I send all my love to you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla 
The Reiki Doc Twins