Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Gaia News Brief 1 July 2015

From Where I Sit

The air is cool, it's still night--there is no dawn yet, and the fountain outside is soothing.  A new day looms ahead. I don't know what's going to be in it, yet I trust in the words Ross said upon my awakening, 'Today you are going to have lots of fun!'.

Yesterday I went to lunch with a very dear friend who is moving to the Bay Area.  It was bittersweet. We are closer than I am to my own family. Our children went to the same school together. They accepted Anthony as their own when I had to work late. He spent the night, they brought him to school. This family even offered to take him on international travel with them during school breaks. And I trust them enough to let him go!

I made for her this bracelet. The energy of the Boddhisatva Quan Yin came through, and guided me in the selection of the stones. There is 'lots of emerald' in it for her healing:

From the nine o'clock position, we have clear quartz, then going clockwise there is black spinel, freshwater pearl, grossularite, smoky quartz, earth jasper, amazonite, emerald...This one is going to help her recall her past life as a Buddhist nun to add to her strength and skills in this one, seamlessly.

She has an open door for us to go and stay with her family any time.

I know spirit very much is guiding her and her family to this place, and I trust that it will be for the greater good.

Her advice to me? I took it! What was it? Don't mix metal and stones on your arm. I had on my Pandora bracelet with my Effervescent bracelet and my Merlin one. I put all the metal on one arm, and the stones on the next. (a sterling silver clasp or toggle is okay, Ross says...)

I can feel a difference.

Working With Ross

The other day I was overcome with emotions regarding my Uncle, who is estranged from the family. I missed him.  I didn't understand what happened to our family, and I asked for guidance from Ross. He told me to write. I wrote it on the back of a blank pharmacy charge document. He asks me to share it, verbatim, with you here now:

C:  My dearest beloved, I have questions for you concerning Uncle B. Is it okay to ask them of you now?

R:  Yes.

C:  Why can't we be with him? What happened? Is Miss Judith right?  (our counselor said he is dangerous--and would take his anger out on us--because of his unique personality type she has seen before. We cut off all ties.)

R:  Miss Judith is right. He is an archon just like the one in your room. (he points to someone in the OR--ed). They have loving feelings but no commitment to anything but them.

C:  But did Uncle B love me?

R:  As much as he was capable, yes. Remember all the star/UFO things? He was not glad to be incarnate; that is why he had the veil lifted a peep.

C:  Is it okay for me to love him and miss him?

R:  Love  him yes. Missing him no. It lowers the vibration and if you miss him enough you might not be able to talk to me.

C:  Does he know about you? Us?

R:  On a soul level yes. Uncle B was charged with your upbringing to indoctrinate you into the ways of being incarnate but not 'wholeheartedly.' (points to that person in the OR--just like them)  Why do you think you are working so much with this person? (taps my ring)

C:  (I smile, then Ross plays the song on the radio, 'Do you believe in magic, in a young girls heart...' from the times I was little)

R:  Is it hard on you not to have him in your life? Are you fond of him?

C:  He was my best friend.

R:  Or so you thought?

C:  Yes.

R:  I love you. Everything is going to be all right. You will understand ALL. I love you very powerfully.  Always take your heart to me first, honey. I enjoy being your man.   (he signs off as Ross, gives me a kiss, and plays the Ricky Nelson song, 'poor little girl, mmmm hmmm, I was a fool' to let me know he really means it when he says he loves me.)

Interpretation of the learning--people must come and go into our lives for a reason. For some, it is for them to be exposed to our energy for their lesson. For others, it is for us to be exposed to their lessons for us. 

Yesterday I practiced 'loving' Uncle B, and not 'missing' him. It is very possible and it actually strengthens the aura. I gave thanks for all the good times, and all the kindness that was shown to me. It is important for us to feel able to give thanks.

In discussing with Ross, I was given guidance on a relationship that was at a standstill, a block, and I didn't know how to be in this situation. 

Now I do.

Everything happens for the best.


I am working with Carla very tenderly. Carla had a long day at work, and was called back in.  She was up until two, and had her next case at six. It was a difficult night in that she slept int he recovery room on a gurney.

At four in the morning, the hospital gets cold, very cold. It always does. Carla got up to go to the toilet.  When she came back, she noticed an odd plastic crinkle in the bedding, and checked to see what it was? Was it the new fake sheets that are made of paper?

It was a Bair Hugger! This is a special warming blanket. So she borrowed a blower from another care bay for patients--the room was empty, and turned it on. Carla could feel her core and her bones warming bit by bit, and got one more hour of sleep.

On the way to work the other day, Carla gives thanks. And what she said moved me very deeply. 'Thank you for baths. I really enjoy them very much. Please send more baths.'

Although I am working very hard, where I am, immediately my energy came and soothed her, like a blanket, which was the most Carla has felt of me in a week.

Her bracelet hasn't gone off. Even though I am 'overhead usually once a day' I am on special assignment.  Carla knows and trusts in my ability to do what I can, to be near her side, one way or another.  Last night as she fell asleep she said to herself, 'Ross I am coming to see you!' in her own simple, direct way. (he laughs--a warm loving laugh--like someone who lives with my 'I Love Lucy' ways for all eternity--ed)

What do I have to say to you? All of you readers who await what I have to write?

(he taps the conversation about Uncle B--ed)  I want you to go over this and to go over this in your mind. I want you to SEPARATE the 'loving' from the 'missing' and to remove as much as possible of the 'missing' part OUT. It will only lower the vibration and hold you back on your Ascension.

Try to imagine you are part of a game you are playing. You are born into it. And to win, you have to think the purest thoughts--not 'nice or mean' thought in essence, but ones of the highest vibration.  Always be mindful of it.

I want you to know everything happens for a reason. Not all of it is understood while you are here. I virtually guarantee you that one day you will.

All will be unhidden. All the players will be unmasked. And you will have for certain--TRUTH--in what has been going on, in everything.

Until then, if you have questions, just like Carla did with Uncle B, why not grab a pen and paper? One of our liaisons will answer your questions. Make sure you have discernment and your vibration UP at the highest it can be, in order for us to speak clearly and for no others to 'rock the boat' by 'jamming' our transmissions.

(smiles--this one is a thoughtful smile--ed)

All of you have come a very long way for me to be able to talk to you like this.  Very strong work!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins and family