Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Gaia News Brief 15 July 2015

Quelle Journeé!

What a day!  Ross was very active with me in spirit. From the morning where he gave me the symbol 'Cozy'--and offered to let me energetically be at his side in bed and rest the whole day.  It was luxurious the thought, and the complete and total opposite of my interaction with him late last night as I drove home and complained about the mission and wanting to quit.

I didn't know how long I could take. I wanted to be OUT so I could be with him.

He said, matter-of-factly, like a true commander--'what makes you think when you are OUT I will be available to spend time with you?' and he gestured to his responsibility for all of the project he is working on now (it's a big deal, I admit it).

It kind of burst my last bubble of hope, you know?

Heaven is a place of Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion.

Last night I was 'running a little low' and complaining about it, in my own way ASKING for a 'boost' in the Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion department.

Ross was helping me this morning, to feel secure, and loved.

As I enjoyed my relaxing, with my energy, Ashtar came to me, the clearest he has ever been, like HD compared to regular old-school TV, and he had a SURPRISE for me! He made me guess, and in situations like this, I am a terrible guesser.

He held out in his hands a blue sleeved blanked, and put it on me. (example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleeved_blanket)

I had never had one.

I was delighted, and said, 'It is the same exact color as your eyes!' with a huge smile...

He told me to take a closer look.

It shimmered! It wasn't from Earth.  And he told me it is like the oceans and the seven seas.

He also put in my hand a cup of tea, breakfast tea, for in my haste this morning I had skipped my coffee. It was warm and he placed it with both hands into mine, wrapping his hands around my own.

He also made me promise I would have an actual cup of tea during a break too.

And he left.

I had a break from ten to ten thirty. I had TAZO Breakfast Tea, with real milk, and two packets of brown turbinado sugar in the RAW (this was a huge splurge for me)...my phone batteries were dying, so I just relaxed.  I also felt wrapped in my Snuggie all day too.

Today, during some other break, Ross showed himself to me. He had a big white case, like an old school round, tire-shaped suitcase. His arms completely encircled it and he held it in front, horizontally.

He too had me guess.

I had never seen anything like it!  All my guesses were wrong. It looked like a marshmallow or pillow, but Oreo cookie-shaped.

He had me open it, there was a lid, like a shoebox. It felt like a cross between velvet and leather, like nothing I had ever seen or felt.

Inside were thousands of glistening jewels and crystals and beads...and they made beautiful musical sounds like singing I had never heard anywhere on earth--like singing tinkling bells!

I marveled at them!

He told me it would never empty, it would always replenish, and I could make whatever I wished from what was inside.

I thanked him, just as I had thanked Ashtar earlier, with complete love, gratitude, and delight at their kindness to me.

Ascension Discomfort

I set myself apart from others by sharing about the 'lows' and 'what to expect' in the Ascension Process.

This is something I experienced back in 2011, or 2012.  Twice.

Both are conflicts I experienced internally in the presence of those who were unapologetically further along in their own Ascension.

One, Hope Johnson, is outspoken, and loving of all. But her thoughts, to me at the time, were 'way out there'...and on some level, I wanted to 'prove myself right'...I kept having these intrusive thoughts like, 'if only...' and 'I should...' and 'SHE should...'...

If you follow Hope online, on any of her formats, such as The Way To The Way or Facebook, you will see someone like that having a similar reaction to her work in the comments section 'Trying to prove her wrong'.

It is Illusion.

And as my vibration increased, it DISSOLVED the resistance I once felt to her views of basically, not being responsible for anyone's happiness but her own. And not responsible for anyone's unhappiness, either. Hope is very DETACHED and LOVING at the same time, and she works on her own vibration, her life's work, and creating her reality as she wants it to be.

At first I was like, 'HOW COULD SHE?!' and now, I see, Hope is just firmly with both feet planted in the higher dimensions, and enjoying her chance to co-create with Source the life that is right for her.

The second was a more painful one that rocked me to my core--Carrie Ochoa said, 'Medicine is corrupt' in a response to a post I had made.  I felt picked on. I defended myself. Both online and in my heart. But this is my LIFE DEDICATION to HELP PEOPLE!'

She shot back, 'But the candy-store of Big Pharma is what makes the system go, and that isn't of the Light.'

I was reeling for days with the discovery of this truth.

Deep in my heart, I KNEW Carrie was right. And yet I was deeply offended! She wasn't a doctor! She's never lifted a finger to save lives like me! She's never studied!

How can SHE know? How can SHE know something I do not?

And the underlying message from my heart was, 'how could I have been tricked?!'

This pain is real and expected and very normal as the Consciousness and Awareness increase.

When our Ascended Masters talk about 'letting go of fears' it is just the same as what I have shown you now--both Hope and Carrie rocked my world at a time, shattered all my preconceptions that 'THIS is how Life IS!' and moreover, 'THIS IS HOW EVERYONE SHOULD ACT!'...

I'm still here.

I'm all the better for it.

Recently I was placed in an uncomfortable situation, and found myself taking the unapologetic Hope and Carrie 'role' with a reader who asked me for advice.

It was an active--not chronic--medical condition that was not responding to treatment.

In a flash I saw the energy, and I FELT what was going on. I also felt the block in this individual, and I tested with some advice that was very very 3D and practical. This is a first line defense, and one I will always promote as a healer--there are repercussions for those who give medical advice online. When pressed, in person or online--it is like the doctor's office saying, 'in an emergency dial 911' here in the states.

An energy imbalance will manifest itself in the physical after a certain amount of time. It is set. Like a stain that has gone through the dryer on your favorite shirt.  Just like the clothes, it will take more energy to fix and just like with the stain--you have to keep trying whatever works until the stain is out.

For things to heal using the codes in the physical, both the energy of the heart plus the energy of Divine Mother and her 'team' --must reach a certain vibration for them to work. 

This has nothing to do with education or experience as a healer, and more to do with the level of spiritual mastery which has been cumulative over many incarnations and lives lived, and the ability to tap into it.  It's unconscious--the underlying mechanism for how these work, once the intent for healing has been set. 

It's something of the soul.

It is going to take a lot of effort from a healer to assist someone who has the physical manifestation of an energy imbalance who is struggling, energetically, creating a desire for someone to 'rescue' them, and pull them out of the situation, which in fact might be written into the Life Script for an important Life Lesson that cannot be skipped.

I bet you dollars to donuts that reader is very upset with me and with Ross right now. And stewing just the way I did with 'I reached out to her' and 'She SHOULD have helped more' and 'She should have guided me the way I asked to give me personalized instruction in healing myself the way I want to be healed.'

I bet further that the unconditional love Ross and I feel for this person, and the blessings we continuously give, won't be grasped until the Ascension takes 'root'--the same way I was confused and hurt and upset to learn I had to figure things out and accept different concepts without Hope or Carrie giving me the time of day--yet saying they loved me unconditionally too!

This is what is meant when the Ascended Masters say we must do our own work.

We must take responsibility for our state of 'where we are' and to look inward, very honestly, and FEEL our feelings. This is the way through to new discovery, and to mastery of our own abilities which are from the Higher Realms.

Does this make sense?

With this beloved reader, I did what any doctor with a full practice would do--I found someone who is more 'recently' woken up, a mutual friend, and gave a referral...the vibrational 'match' would be more complimentary to the reader's needs...in the time frame this reader had in mind...with the hope for the least hurt feelings possible in this important growth step for their journey...

The reason I stayed up late to write this, it because it is important, and possibly one of the top ten most important things I have shared.

We are human.

As we increase our vibration, we can expect some bumps in the road, so to speak.

What lies beyond is so enjoyable it is highly worth the 'trip' and 'the effort'...


Thank you Hope and Carrie for putting me on my own two feet, and inspiring me to grow, both with your example, and your insistence I follow my own journey, my life lessons,  my inner guidance from my soul...


(he just wants to share this picture--ed)

Carla needs her rest. Now it is time for her to be cozy, and for me to do my work (he points UP--ed)

Good night.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family