Saturday, July 25, 2015

Standstill--Gaia News Brief 25 July 2015

My Adventure

After the basketball photos, and Anthony left with his father for the weekend, I took a very short hike into Nature.

I have been in an energetic maelstrom, as of late.

Work has been, well, unpredictable and some very long hours.  Then on my free day I got sick, it was like punishment because I wanted to GO and DO and I had to stay home and rest.

This was my scratch from the baby Flemish rabbit I almost took home. People can get sick from rabbits once the skin is broken, and I did.  I'm on treatment for it now, as well as Reiki and the codes.

What can you do?


Sometimes that's what you need to do!

Just SLOW IT DOWN, like in a basketball game.

So I went under a beautiful tree, sat on a rock in the shade, and just took it all in...the birds. The sunlight. The green. The LIFE...

And I wondered to myself, 'how did my life ever get to be so far away from what is natural?'

When I felt ready, I got up to go.

But as I headed out, I stopped, for I wanted to see if there was a creek where the little gully dipped.

There was!

I sat for a very long time, watching the fish.

The water was very still, or so I thought.

Ross pointed out the leaves moving by almost imperceptibly, and explained this is how Ascension is.

I cried with him, and asked him to help me walk through my day, as I felt like I was limping.

I cried over my father, and his soul.

I cried over Anthony's trauma this week, where a pervert checked him out at a public restroom while the poor child was urinating in the urinal next to the guy--fortunately it was a school trip, and other children were in the restroom as they must go two by two.

I cried over my work, and how uncertain it is, and how the lack of sleep and long hours is really taking its toll on me.

Ross has a nice shoulder to cry on, and is very understanding and kind.

As I continued to sit, I saw a duck, a female duck, swimming by!  A little while later, what I thought was a frog leg and eye turned out to be a HUGE turtle!  After some more time, I saw a bright red crawfish walking the bottom of the creek.

I enjoyed so much that this ecosystem was doing just fine on its own, thank you very much.

I love Nature.

I'd like to say the rest of the day was better, it wasn't. I had to run lots of errands, and it was so hot I didn't want to eat.

I realized my body was still fighting the bug--and I just practiced through the day, like I discovered at the 'hike'--to relax EVERY LITTLE THING, my muscles, my mind, my soul...

I did ONE very important thing in my day:  I called in all of my aspects.

All my soul fragments are back inside ME now. One person, a woman and channeler, exclaimed, 'What am I going to do NOW?' when she was told on a soul level I want my energy back.

 Immediately Ross provided a crystal dice-shaped cube to everyone who ever once had an Aspect of me, it's from Him, a clear connection to source, but it's not an Aspect of him.

It feels wonderful to have all my soul back with me at last.

I also have been wanting something to wear. It seems all I have for summer is tee shirts with words on them, and it looks funny walking to work in the morning before I change. So Target had a sale, five dollars a tee shirt. I bought all colors, the kind with v necks.  And one tiny sky blue cotton cardigan too.

I hope I manifested the sale <3


Carla is preparing herself for some major changes that are about to take place.

They have nothing to do with me. (he laughs--ed)  It is not time for that yet! (puts fingers to lips as if to say SHHHHH! It's a surprise!--ed)

When the soul is together it can do five things (holds his hand up--ed):

  • time travel
  • across distance
  • fly  (all with the Light body, the above three)
  • draw things unto Her (manifestation)
  • seek harmony 24/7 and GET IT, no matter where you are (this is an advanced soul ability--to calm and soothe on demand)

Where am I going with this?

You aren't far behind. You are the first wave 'of the boat', and the water is magnificent!

I invite you to jump in, and to discover the higher dimensions!  

(he splashes the lake water right next to him, he's hip deep--ed)

I also wish every single one of you a Good Night.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins