Monday, July 13, 2015

Gaia News Brief 13 July 2015

Keeping It Short

We have a huge day in the OR today--the first day of computerized anesthesia records.  I will share one point, and if Ross has a message I will share his too.

Family, extended family, can be very healing.  And Spirit always knows our needs, even when we know it not.

I had been upset to be invited to a party where it's an 'offer you can't refuse'--because it was important to a certain family member, even though it was on my only weekend off this month.

It was a good thing it kept me from leaving town!

I had an emergency meeting with administration on Saturday at my work--all of the department had to go, but some actually didn't show up. I went and also missed my son's basketball game. It was sad, but needed to 'show my support' in something that is putting our group's contract with the hospital at risk.

Sunday morning we slept in. I am enjoying this more and more. Even today I could have slept so much longer, and I only went to sleep at ten!

Then we drove to pick up my mom--after stopping by the post office and mailing things, filling up with gas, and washing the car. (people notice things like this, according to mom, especially mom). We gave her a ride to my sister's house.

The energy of our family--cousins and two uncles and my mom as my cousin's Auntie--was very healing to me.

I also realized my niece, who is the incarnation of my Grandmother Lucille--still pulls the family together. She 'just likes to see them' and for her special events wants the family to come, not any trips, or money, or gifts. Just our 'kin'.

Aside from the healing you 'soak up' by being with people who have known you your whole life, you can 'sense' that they were 'hand picked'  and 'right for you'...even some who in the past things might not have been close, with fifty year's time the love becomes more evident.

For example, Uncle Dave told me when he was first starting out with my Aunt Edna, he lost his job and they had a small child.  My father supported the family for a year, in the recession, until my Uncle could find work. He paid the rent every month. And he took my Aunt shopping once a week for food and clothing. My Uncle said, 'I don't think we could have made it if he hadn't helped. Your father is a saint, a very good man.'

I know. He is the incarnation of Archangel Metatron.

I was in the presence of angels all day, and until yesterday I hadn't known it.

But many of the angels are asleep.

My cousin Steve, his wife Debby, was a preacher's kid. So here she was pouring out this ENORMOUS energy, as she is married to her twin, and a mother, something she always dreamed--and happy.  Debby is just as 'connected' to Source as Steve, but she is fighting 'opening up to Spirit'--spirit that isn't in the religious traditions of her youth.  Steve had bought her a Ross and Carla Scholarship bracelets, and it had clearly been working...I felt it.

So to my mind, she was ninety-percent 'awake' but that nagging 3D 'comfort' was keeping her 'down in 3D' because she is afraid of who she is, and her power as a spiritual being...

The same is true for her mother-in-law, my cousin, Debbie.  I made a bracelet for Debbie too.

So what did I do?

I let it be like when dogs meet, and 'check each other out' energetically.

I never mentioned Reiki once.

I never mentioned my bracelets.

I was just the 'same old Carla' that they knew and loved, and I enjoyed showing interest in them--because they both are really interesting!

And they RELAXED! They let down their guard! They had been putting together a 'defense' to their 'belief system' before, I could sense it. Because my Cousin Steve, like all who are newly awake, are talking about it! It's so cool you can't help it!

The stage is now set for both women, or anyone else in the family who is interested, to come and talk to on one, at their own pace.

Because when people are just opening up, they need to be able to 'check you out', and know you put your pants on one leg at a time, and are 'normal' in every way--every way they can 'check' with their five senses, yes?

I could rest calm, because without their fighting it, and without their knowing it, the aura-to-aura transmission of key codes and activation sequences, both through my soul and my words and my lovingkindness--what doing EXACTLY what needs to be done!

And as they were relaxing, Steve popped in and out to help his wife watch their three-year old, taking turns and also with his mom, too.

It was the best 'pitch' for Reiki I could ever do, to be myself, relax, and enjoy my family.

This is what is asked of you...just BE and let the energies coalesce around you.  Your angels, guides, and deceased loved ones are helping too.


Carla has been through a great deal as of late. We arranged this meeting for her with her family.

It also acts as a warm-up for when she comes back, and who she will remember, when we reunite in the Higher Realms.

Carla has a very hard day ahead of her.

I will excuse her so she won't be late.

But the breakfast burritos honey. Don't cook. Anthony will like it and it will save time for you. I have the money.

Get to work on time, an don't worry about the house and the way it looks. Save your energy.

I love you.

You are my princess; There is no other one for me but you.

I want everyone to hear this. It is important to know how deep and strong my love is for you, Carla.  My soul and yours are forever joined. I am indebted to you for your service and generosity to humanity.

I look forward to seeing you when the time arrives.

I want people to feel out love, with all of their senses, every single day, and to know together you and I shall pave the way clear, for a grand reunion for Heaven and Earth...where everyone is invited, no matter what they believe, or what they have done, or any judgement of any kind.

That is past, the judgement.  All of it is complete.

If you are here on surface Gaia, you are In!

I want you to enjoy it, every single one of you, what comes next!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Docs