Saturday, September 23, 2017

Planting The Seeds

We are in a new phase of the Ascension Process. 

There has been a shift.

I will give examples of how I am seeing my role in direct one on one interaction change ever so gradually, from being a continuous  source of Reiki, to one of a guide and also, recognition on a soul level.

Yesterday my Reiki student, the RN, sought me out.  She needed 'closure' from the sudden passing of her beloved puppy. This year she has had three pets die at ripe old ages around seventeen. This was the most recent one.

Remember how I was eating lunch and I got the call for help? Anthony had to wait?

This is the same person.

I don't think I've ever been more open and honest in any interaction at work--as a medium--than I have in all my years at this facility.

I told her when I got the call for help I sent Reiki, the Transition Symbol, to make it easier for both the dog and for the family.

She said she had felt it. A huge wave of calm and peace had washed over her. She wasn't sure if it had been me, or the dog saying to her it was okay to let her go.

It was me.

People across great distances can feel the energy when I work with them on a soul level. There is no time lag. It's instantaneous.

I told her when I heard of the situation, I looked. I can see between Heaven and Earth, to that in-between place.

I saw the funniest thing I've never seen in my twenty-five years of doing this work:  I saw a dog confused about where to go, openly seeing Heaven, but confused because the dog was exceptionally obedient and loved the family, and wanted to be told to go. It just sat there with this confused look on its face, looking back and forth between the two worlds.

Ordinarily, I would identify myself to the soul, and tell it to go to Heaven.

But this was a dog, a beloved pet, and the owner thought it would make it. I didn't want to interfere.

My friend was awestruck.


This dog Muffin was super obedient. You could put a toy or her favorite treat in front of her, and she would just wait motionless until there was the 'okay' from the family for Muffin to enjoy it.

Next my friend and student wanted to know how Muffin did? She has been feeling Spirit and actually smelling sulfur and brimstone. She was concerned. (She told the darkness to go away, too, and it did).

I told her I see 'The Good Shepard' up in Heaven. The dog was with her, in his arms, and he was making the paw wave hello. He loves all animals.

She told me her mom had died. She had gone all the way up to the tunnel, but she said, 'my kids need me' and she came back.

I told her I can walk all the way through that tunnel to guide a soul making the transition, and that I can go a little ways out on the end of the tunnel, but not too far or else I won't come back. And I also can't stay up there for very long for the same reason.

The look of peace on Stephanie's face, the tears of joy in her eyes, of knowing her Muffin puppy was in a good place, was deeply moving.

It was worth all the disruption at lunch...

I also told her that her aura is weak, because the tie to Muffin has been 'cut' or 'changed', and the energy flow will have to redirect. There are dark things 'out there' that seek such 'wounds' to attach. And also, sometimes, they go to get to me through my students. Just tell them to leave, and they will go. They have to. It's the law of Free Will.

She  smiled.

She understood.

When I have been to Heaven in my meditations, the road looks very much like this. There is a curve in the road, there is a valley, and there is a huge beautiful waterfall kind of like Vernal falls, that sings/is musical. It is off to the left.

Along the way are small simple homes.

One of them is Mary and Joseph's house.  I've been there many a time since medical school.

I love to watch Mary in the kitchen, and Joseph in his workshop. I can ask Joseph anything, he is a very good listener. He doesn't talk much, but he is wise and always has good solutions to any problem you might have.

The first thing I ever asked Joseph was 'what was Jesus' favorite toy?'

It was a little pull toy, with wheels, that you pulled on a string. It was a little camel Joseph had made for him.

I have a bed there where I am welcome to stay. The room is very simple, bed, desk, chair, candle or oil lamp. The mattress has straw in it. And when I rest there, I sleep very comfortably. This is what helped me to get through medical school.

Both Mary and Joseph told me I could visit them whenever I want or need it.

They are both so calm and capable, and the entire area has such a beautiful energy. Sometimes Mary and I will walk in her garden. And we talk. She is a good listener too, and when you are with her you really know she cares deeply about those she knows.

Yesterday I was told to 'go have a cup of coffee in the doctor's lounge, just sit, and don't DO anything'.

I did.

I saw the wife. The ex wife of a friend. When I was in training she was OB-GYN and he was anesthesia but switched to General Surgery.

I know the story. From both sides.

She got a 'dear wife' letter that her husband was cheating on her. It broke her heart.

And she cheated back with a realtor, but never married him (the alimony would have stopped). She kept the house and the kids and took as much money as she could from her ex to hurt him.

He works hard. One of the top productive surgeons in the country.

She plans trips to Japan for the kids and makes him pay for all of it, her, the boyfriend, the two kids.

She has terrible allergies and has had sinus surgery and it hasn't worked.

He has terrible arthritis and takes strong iv medicines to stop the autoimmune attack.

Both of them need unconditional love and healing. They need a lot.

She told me how her allergy medicine isn't working. She was sneezing.

I smiled and shared I have it too. In second grade my nickname was 'Rudolph' because of my red nose.

I wrote for her to do nasal rinses with saline, oregano oil, and colloidal silver twice a day. To get it from Mother's market. And to take oregano oil capsules once a day. It works for me, like a miracle.

She laughed. She said she is ready to 'try anything' and she thanked me for the advice.

I also told her to put some Frankincense oil on the soles of her feet when she first wakes up. I don't know how to explain how it works, but it does, and it has to do with reflexology.

I also wanted to head straight home after a long day.

Ross guided me to the crystal shop near my home.

The phone was ringing off the hook.

So many people were in there.

One lady was distraught and looking for tiny stones. She wanted Red Jasper and I showed her a bracelet. She also said her favorite stone was axinite. I showed her a lemurian quartz wand. She held it. She said sometimes stones are too strong for her, all the energies. It hurts her head. I smiled.

Later I heard her exclaiming about a moldavite pendant of the Good Shepard. She confided to the clerk Charlie that her friend isn't religious but is seeing Jesus now as one of her guides and isn't sure what to think of it. Her friend knows it's real. But still!

I asked to please look at the pendant.

I had to take it near the window so I could see.

He looked dead. Not very handsome. Crown of thorns.

Spirit told me to kiss it.

I kissed my finger and used my finger to kiss Him. Right on the lips. Then I gave the pendant back.

Remember, this is planting the seeds. I know who I am, and when people interact with me, at some point, they are going to recall their interaction with me.

The time is coming close, when I am known more widely, I sense it.

People are 'opening up' to me with their hearts, and even one--I was foretold--one at the store would see me for who I truly am. I'm not sure if it was Cory, the reader, who gave me a hug.

Or if it was the other.

A woman came in wanting a photo of her aura and a reading.

I cheated. I looked at her while she was talking to Charlie. I didn't have a white background so I had to work a little harder. I saw her life force was very low, and there was a combination of lavender and black in her aura. It was almost next to her skin which isn't healthy. Big auras are healthy--they extend out some distance.

I waited for the results. You could hear everything.

It was indigo/pituitary chakra. I was spot-on. And as the reader told her she had a gift to 'sense things' I felt her energy go up.

The whole time I was sitting on the floor and figuring out which crystals to buy. I got a rhodochrosite sphere, polished black tourmaline with almost white ghostly chatoyancy on the other side, a beautiful chunk of polished Merlinite, a tiny but gorgeous malachite with actual crystal specks on one part (raw), and a lemurian quartz wand with a notch in it.

When I rang up my stones the woman looked at me with a funny smile. More than just seeing someone in scrubs buying crystals. She knew something...and it made her glad...

During my visit I also overheard the Russian wanting astrology from Anthony (different) but face to face, not on the phone. Because it involved 'large amounts of money' and she was afraid of phone tapping. Hmmmmm...

Anyhow, I work today. It's time to go. Many trips to make on the way to work. I had hoped for a nine o'clock start but someone moved something up to seven.

Plant the seeds.

In the Higher Realms YOU are 'Highly Known' too.

Enjoy the time which remains where 'nobody knows you'.

A hero's celebration is coming soon, one like at the end of Star Wars IV.

Everyone will know you for your efforts with Ascension.

Ross waves hello but he doesn't want to make me late for work. He is in good spirits and has a wonderful, gorgeous smile.

When Ross is in a good mood, and excited, it is very difficult to resist his joie de vivre.

He has some party up his sleeve, and much as I don't like them, this one, through him, I have a feeling I am going to really like it a lot. He wants everyone to have fun. He just has this 'way' about him I can't explain it.

He says, 'it's Love and it is contagious!'

I think he's right.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twin Flames