Wednesday, September 27, 2017



What does this word mean?

If you peek at the picture it will help you find the definition.

Lolo is the word for 'crazy' in the Hawaiian culture.

And insanity is the definition of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Here is one example of lolo:

You have to think like a bird to save the alala, the wild crow native to Hawaii. My intuition is that all the GMO papaya is messing the bird up. And all the spraying of Roundup everywhere on the roadside.

If you look on google there are many stories of the attempts and failures at repopulating them in the wild.

The San Diego Zoo means well. The Hawaii team in partnership with Puerto Rico experts are working to 'think bird' or at least learn from the Puerto Rico experts on their island crow.

I don't see how a crow raised on non-Hawaiian plants/food is going to start eating the native plants.  I don't even know where those native plants are. Perhaps in two or three generations of protected rearing them on island in aviaries near the native plants, they can come back.

I don't know.

Yesterday on the drive to work Ross asked me what my favorite time of day is?

I didn't know. I'm under so much stress right now it's not easy to stay positive. So I asked him in return, what is YOUR favorite time of day?

It's when I think of him.

The thought goes up, and he hears it.

I challenged him and asked, 'how do I know when YOU are thinking of ME?!'

He said something, I forget, and I'm sure it's reassurance that the veil is supposed to prevent my knowing. He still thinks of me a lot. And deep down on some level I know.

My meditation has changed a lot a lot a lot and for the better.

I just sit and say, 'I listen!'

Does that ever get the attention of Ross and my guides!!!

I say, 'I listen!' and shut up the mental chatter.

Then I watch. The first time I did it I think my entire team did back flips.

I understood they have been waiting PATIENTLY for someone to just be humble and hear them out.

I find it is more effective to signal to them I am ready, than to go through the efforts of calming my mind and being distracted. The mind calms automatically when you are in the listening mode.

And ironically, instead of HEARING when I am in listening mode during meditation, I SEE.

Very, very clearly. And it's like a movie, which also has a soundtrack.

Yesterday I had a late start, and after I dropped Anthony off at school I sat in my little meditation area, and said, 'I listen!'


I saw my entire Council in a nanosecond, seated at a table before me.

I felt a little awkward as I didn't know whether to stand or to sit.

My team says it doesn't really matter as I am present in Spirit when I am there, and somehow, I relaxed and took in their information.

They were examining my weak spot in my psyche, an area where I feel bad about myself. They didn't feel it was anything wrong, but I judged myself.

To be honest, I felt ugly.

Life hasn't been easy on me, it's starting to show, and I just feel flabby and out of shape compared to my younger self.

I don't like aging.

I was able to communicate it to my team, and they understood. They never judged. But next thing I knew, I was in Daddy's office--Divine Creator--and talking with him heart to heart.

He cared. And he listened. He always has advice. We didn't resolve the issue right then and there. I understand where he is coming from, and he understood where I am coming from.

Then it was time to get up.

This is someplace I've never been, and I'm probably never going to go.

Yesterday in PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support class) we spoke of where we like to go on vacation. Martin whose birthday is tomorrow said 'Kauai'. He didn't want to leave it, he was sad.

Ilene, the teacher, is Greek and goes to Greece often.

I like the Loire Valley, myself.

And Robert, whose wife lives in Morocco with their two kids and one more is on the way (her family is there)--likes to go to Barcelona. Robert grew up here, and he works two weeks, then goes away to his wife for three.

Robert is fascinating.

He does telemedicine medical assessments for people who want to get a prescription for medical marijuana. He is an ER physician, and his name is Dr. Robert Milanes. His number is (315) 308-2727. His website is And on social media he is @holisticoncall. For California it's fifty dollars, and for New York it's two hundred dollars.

He was nice and bought me a juice and a wheatgrass shot. I told him I'd mention him in my blog.

He wanted to know my website, and I just said, I do Reiki.

Yesterday I was able to do a few new things I've never done. One was to try a Costco hot dog. I actually didn't like the soda and he hot dog was way too big for me, but I ate it. It was fun to try something new.

I also was able to --finally--write up the meaning of the stones in the bracelets I made for my friend's wedding. He had asked about six weeks ago, and I never could find the time. I'm so glad I did.

Movement is slow.

I have to decide to keep Anthony in a lower level of basketball, or just skip it and start something new. He really wants to do baseball.

I think I might try yoga. For us both. I need to get in shape and yoga is gentle. Yesterday he missed practice because I got to the school so late. We just had a pleasant dinner together instead. I helped him study. But only after I did something new. I come home, set the timer for twenty minutes, and read for pleasure! I'm still on the Asperger's books. This small bit of time not working or taking care of the house is doing wonders for me. I was able to clean the sink full of dishes with a smile, after, too.


We are on our way!

Everything is happening for the better...

I don't say 'for the best' because the enemy of 'good enough' is 'perfect'.

All of us make our mistakes and as long as we are working together in a general way, everything is going to turn out right.

And as a hint...

Good luck with your meditations and I and my teams are looking forward to working with you!

(he rubs his hands with excitement!--ed--he's smiling too)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple